Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Where has Joy been?

Joy has been moving around the house this past week. Kynlie has had a great time looking for her and enjoying some of her silly places to sit.

One morning we found her on our clock. She accidentally stopped the clock too. Oops!

We noticed that she found a pink princess crown and placed it on her head.

One morning we woke up to Joy in our kitchen making a mess. She wrote her name in sugar!

She sat up on top of the stove ledge for a day to rest after playing in the sugar.
We then found her hanging from the ceiling fan string. She was pretending to be an acrobat.

Today we found Joy in Kynlies bathroom. She was rested up on her bow holder. And looky there, Santa remembered to send her back with a skirt on!! Joy thought it would be cute to wear one of Kyns bows!

That's all the places Joy has been so far. Can't wait to find her again!
With Love

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