Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We bought Kynlie a very cute PINK outside swing this past weekend. Heather has one at her house and she LOVES it. So of course, the nice momma I am, went and bought her one. Unfortunately, we do not have a place in our back yard to hang the swing up. So we took it over to memaw and pappy's until daddy can rig something up. Hopefully daddy can get that done fast so we can swing at night before dinner time. Here is my beauty queen enjoying her swing


Higher mommy higher

I think it's so cute how she's holding on.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Screaming Child

Kynlie has learned how to scream. She will scream to the top of her lungs and then stop and give me a big smile and then start up again. The video shows! Then it's so cute (or as a mommy I think it's cute) she sees her foot and tries so hard to get it.

She's been eating great. We've tried chicken with chicken gravy and she DID NOT and I say it again DID NOT like it. She cried every time I tried to give her a bight. I tried to trick her and add it with her rice cereal, but she's too smart and knew. So that's out the window. We did try chicken and veggie last night and she did pretty good, still not her fav. (smells awful!)
She's still sleeping through the night IN HER BED!!! WOO HOO for Mommy and Daddy!!
She's crawling all around the place and getting into everything but her toys.
She's starting to pull up on things. She might be standing before we know it.
She's still saying DA DA DA DA and now saying BA BA BA.

Kynlie is amazing. She brighten my world so much and I thank God for her everyday!
Here are a few pictures to make you smile! Enjoy the weekend.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Freeze Frame Time

Only if you could freeze frame time at moments. I love watching Kynlie sleep, laugh, smile, play, play with her daddy, take a bath, & so much more. These are some moments I'd love to Freeze Frame...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hard At Play



Kynlie has been playing good today for Heather (usually she needs to be held all day). As you can tell at the above picture, she's been having a blast and playing hard. I laughed so hard when I saw this picture. The second picture, she looks as if she's saying "What? I didn't do that mess". Of course Heather or I do not mind cleaning up messes like this. She can make as many messes as she wants, as long as she's playing and not fussing to be held all day. :) Now only if we can get her to do this at home!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Arkansas BFF

My best friend from Arkansas came down for Easter to see her family and to see US!! We love when they come visit. She has 2 beautiful daughters, Peyton 3 1/2 and Bralynn 6 months (Kynlie's BFF) Dawn and I have been friends since Jr. High School and cheered and played soccer together all through high school. She moved away some years back, but we've manage to keep and touch and visit each other. I love her very dearly! She and I were pregnant at the same time. Her daughter Bralynn was born in October, a month after Kynlie. I wish we lived closer so that Kynlie and her could grow up together but I promise, they will be friends and know each other. Brad and I love taking trips up to Hot Springs to visit her, Todd, & the girls. Here are a few pictures of their visit with us.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Easter was yesterday and we dressed Kynlie all up in her cute Easter dress. We didn't make it to church because it was suppose to storm really bad just about the time we'd needed to go (I know great excuse) but we found a WONDERFUL program on TV. It was Alan Jackson Precious Memories. He sang for an hour, all southern Gospel. It was absolutely great. I could have had that playing through my house all day long. I'm buying the CD and I'm going to wearing it out in my car and in my house. Kynlie will be signing along before we know it :)

Easter morning with her Easter basket

We had lunch at Bradley's uncle Bobby and aunt Irene with the family. It was a great visit and great food. Kynlie was a little fussy, but she had good reason to be. She had her shots Friday and her tooth is still coming in. Here are some pictures from there. Although she was fussy, we still managed to get some great Bluebonnet pictures and some of Papa and her playing.

Wearing Papa's hat

With Nana


Then we went to my parents house to visit Memaw and Pappy. I don't know if it was the short power nap she took on the way there, but man she was wake and happy. She crawled all over the place...YES crawled!!! She talked up a storm too. She loves their puppy Cricket and tried her darnedest to get her and love on her.

Hollywood baby

Momma and Kynlie

Daddy and Kynlie

Momma and Daddy

She had her check up on Friday and came out "perfect" as Dr. Blair said. I agree with him, I think she's perfect! He also said she should be a baby model... as much as I do think she's the most beautiful baby, I'm not sure about the modeling thing. I wouldn't know how to start her in that and do I really want to. She weights 16lbs and 3oz and she's 26in long. She's right at the 50% mark. He said she's going to be petite. She had to get 3 shots and surprisingly she didn't cry all that much. I think I was more upset than she was. Also we had to run over to the hospital lab and have some blood work done on her. To check her red blood cells, a six month routine check?? Even though she was not fussy during her shots, boy did it come later...all weekend. She fussed most of the weekend, because her little legs were bruised and her teeth are bothering her.

All in all it was a great 3 day weekend. As always I'm ready for the next weekend so I can spend more time with her!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

7 Months, New moves, & a TOOTH!

Look at those eyes!

That's right, Kynlie June is now 7 months old as of Sunday. Hard to believe, she's growing up on us so fast. (I know I say that every month). She's doing so much more new things these days. We love her just as much as yesterday if not more.

She's got new moves. She's trying to crawl but instead of hands and knees it's hands and toes. I love it! She really is crawling but it's really really slow. Although she can turn in circles like a champ!

We don't crawl, we do push ups!!!

SHE HAS A TOOTH!! A little pearly white showing through. She's starting to bite a little when you put your finger in her mouth.

She's eating everything now, she has been for a while. She's still a breast fed baby. Yay, Go Momma!!

Her "6th month" check up is Friday so we'll get to see if she's can have #2 foods and juices yet. I have know idea and I'm not going to give her ANYTHING without the doctors Okay! She'll get her shots on Friday as well. I can't wait to see what she weighs. I'm guessing 16lbs.

It's a 4 day week this week and I'm so excited. That means I get 3 full days to spend with Kynlie. Easter is Sunday and I'm so ready to go to Church and so ready to show Kynlie off in her Easter dress to friends and family.

We had Bailee's birthday party at my brothers house on Sunday and they have a very cute puppy that Kynlie just LOVED. She wanted to get her hands on that Bella so bad, but Bella wouldn't get too close to her.

We had a good weekend. Shopping and family time. Nothing better! Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Strapped In and Spoiled Rotten

That's right...Spoiled Rotten. This is such a funny picture. Heather strapped Kynlie in one of those strap things (not sure what the real name is) because she's so spoiled and will not let anyone put her down. Heather said she loved it. I may have to get me one. What do you do about this spoiled child.....NOTHING, you just keep loving on her! SPOILED=LOVED

Thursday, April 2, 2009


The things I love about Kynlie June

* I love her smile
* I love the way she smells
* I love all 10 of her toes and all 10 of her fingers
* I love her silent laugh
* I love her giggle sounds
* I love watching her take a bath
* I love feeding her
* I love how she already has her mouth open wide before I can get the spoon out of the bowl
* I love watching her sleep in my arms or in her bed
* I love watching her play with her toys
* I love watching her learn new skills
* I love when she cries out for me
* I love how when Daddy walks in the room she smile so big
* I love her new grin she's been doing
* I love when she's standing in my lap and she grabs and pats at my face
* I love that she's ticklish
* I love her bald head
* I love when she finds new sounds she can make and listening to them over and over
* I love how she has to fall a sleep in my arms at the same time and same way every night
* I love her soft delicate skin
* I love how she's almost crawling and the rocking motion she makes
* I love how she keeps shutting her "lap top" toy after I open to press the buttons
* I love picking her up from Heathers and loving on her before I put her in the car seat
* I love how she will eat any baby food we give her
* I love that she looks just like her daddy (although it wouldn't hurt if she had a little of me in her) :)
* I love putting big bows in her hair
* I love putting her in dresses
* I love that she loves being outside (it's a good way we calm her down from crying)
* I love how she takes her pacci out and puts it in her other hand and then back in her mouth and repeat it over and over
* I love talking about her
* I love that she takes great pictures
* I love her innocence
* I love her big dark blue eyes
* I love her big ears (she gets it from both sides of the family)

I think I could go on and on...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Easter/Spring Pictures

Well, I haven't posted in a while because I've had bronchitis. I'm better now! Although I was out sick, I still managed to get Kynlie's Easter/Spring pictures made. I think they turned out just GREAT! She's was a good sport, even though that day was the day she decided to start pulling off her bows....of all days! I do believe we have a picture taken baby on our hands. Good thing, because we have a really expensive camera I need to be using a lot more.
Here is our beautiful girl!

We have a good weekend coming up. It's my niece Bailee's 14th birthday (hard to believe she's 14) and we have her tack meet to attend...can't wait, I love watching her do track (Although, Cheerleading is my all time favorite...that will be coming soon)Then Sunday we are all getting together to celebrate Bailee's birthday. I'm hoping the weather will be nice so we can walk down to my brothers house and put Kynlie in the stroller. We only live a few streets over. Let's Pray for SUNNY WARM weather!!!