Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Easter was yesterday and we dressed Kynlie all up in her cute Easter dress. We didn't make it to church because it was suppose to storm really bad just about the time we'd needed to go (I know great excuse) but we found a WONDERFUL program on TV. It was Alan Jackson Precious Memories. He sang for an hour, all southern Gospel. It was absolutely great. I could have had that playing through my house all day long. I'm buying the CD and I'm going to wearing it out in my car and in my house. Kynlie will be signing along before we know it :)

Easter morning with her Easter basket

We had lunch at Bradley's uncle Bobby and aunt Irene with the family. It was a great visit and great food. Kynlie was a little fussy, but she had good reason to be. She had her shots Friday and her tooth is still coming in. Here are some pictures from there. Although she was fussy, we still managed to get some great Bluebonnet pictures and some of Papa and her playing.

Wearing Papa's hat

With Nana


Then we went to my parents house to visit Memaw and Pappy. I don't know if it was the short power nap she took on the way there, but man she was wake and happy. She crawled all over the place...YES crawled!!! She talked up a storm too. She loves their puppy Cricket and tried her darnedest to get her and love on her.

Hollywood baby

Momma and Kynlie

Daddy and Kynlie

Momma and Daddy

She had her check up on Friday and came out "perfect" as Dr. Blair said. I agree with him, I think she's perfect! He also said she should be a baby model... as much as I do think she's the most beautiful baby, I'm not sure about the modeling thing. I wouldn't know how to start her in that and do I really want to. She weights 16lbs and 3oz and she's 26in long. She's right at the 50% mark. He said she's going to be petite. She had to get 3 shots and surprisingly she didn't cry all that much. I think I was more upset than she was. Also we had to run over to the hospital lab and have some blood work done on her. To check her red blood cells, a six month routine check?? Even though she was not fussy during her shots, boy did it come later...all weekend. She fussed most of the weekend, because her little legs were bruised and her teeth are bothering her.

All in all it was a great 3 day weekend. As always I'm ready for the next weekend so I can spend more time with her!

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Cathy P said...

I think she should be a baby model too. hahaha I understand though, who knows if you would even want to get her involved in that, but she definitely could do it. CUTE, CUTE CUTE just like her Mama.