Friday, April 3, 2009

Strapped In and Spoiled Rotten

That's right...Spoiled Rotten. This is such a funny picture. Heather strapped Kynlie in one of those strap things (not sure what the real name is) because she's so spoiled and will not let anyone put her down. Heather said she loved it. I may have to get me one. What do you do about this spoiled child.....NOTHING, you just keep loving on her! SPOILED=LOVED


Cathy P said...

I had one of those for my kids and they LOVED IT!! They are really neat and you can get lots of stuff done and they just go around with you. HOW FUNNY.

Cathy P said...

Hey, I need something to read at night while they are paying me to work late girly - so you need to update your blog WOMAN!!

Love you!