Thursday, March 21, 2013

15 Random facts you may not know

I read today on a blog I love to read (Kelly's korner) she did a post on 9 things we might not know about her. I thought that would be fun to do as well. She tried doing 10 but only thought of 9. I tried doing 10 and ended up with 15.

So here you go. 15 random, boring, weird & crazy facts about me you may not know... Hold on to your seats, it's about to get interesting (insert sarcasm lol)

1. I love cheerleading. I wish I was still a cheer leader (yes at 31 yrs old) or still taught my own squad. :))

2. I'm weirdly obsessed with Steven Tyler and his band Aerosmith! Yeah, I know...go ahead and judge me lol. I've only been to one of their concerts. Sad!

3. I went to a jr college way too long, to not have much to show for it. I started out going for education then changed for occupational therapy. Didn't complete either. Maybe one day?!

4. I will still sit down and watch reruns of I Love Lucy, Full House, & Friends (really, who doesn't still watch friends??)

4. I bite my tongue in my sleep. All the time. Can't help it. It hurts like crazy too lol!

5. I have my tubes tied. So no more kiddos for Bradley & I. (unless God has something planned we don't know about)
family of 4

6. I was very sick in 2001 and spent 34 days in the hospital. With many blood transfusions, biopsies, and more IV's, needles, etc... pokes in me than I can remember and ever want to do again.

7. I have a crazy, weird memory. I can remember birthdays, wedding anniversaries, special occasion, etc... of dates of mine or my friends and families...from yrs ago.

8. I've only traveled out of Texas to Mexico & to Arkansas. I want to go to New York, Cali, & any place with sun, sand, & water!

9. I believe if I were to ever get to go on Dancing with the Stars, I'd do great lol. I tell Bradley I wish they had a Dancing with the Public...I'd sign up in a heart beat :))

10. I cannot spell!! I'm sure anyone who reads my blog knows that by now lol...and I don't let it bother me. :))

11. My house is decorated with lots (probably too much) reds & roasters.

12. I love studying anything about presidents. I enjoy history and wish I'd paid more attention in high school and college.

13. I dislike basketball so much!! I dread march madness month, because that's all that's on. I need my baseball!

14. I'm terrified of the dark, snakes, & being home alone at night.

15. I've never broke a bone, had a car wreck, or a speeding ticket. (hope I didn't just jinks my self lol)

What are some random facts about you people may not know?


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