Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kynlie's First Hair Cut

I know what you are all saying "Hair cut? She doesn't have any hair to cut." Well you are still right, but we had signs of a 80's Mullet and it was time to get rid of it.

My good friend Kari is a hair dresser. I love her!! She's is one of the funniest friends I have and when I go get "my hair did" it's always a good time.

Kynlie did ok...she wasn't too sure what to think. I think she thought she was at the doctors office HA.

Here are the pictures of her first hair cut.

I did keep it all too!!! Brad laughed at me, but what mom doesn't keep there childs first hair cut? My mom still has mine and my brothers hair.

I will have a TON of pictures from our trip to the Dallas Arboredum in the next few days...maybe tomorrow.

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Random Thoughts at the Moment

These are some things that are going through my head randomly today.

I've found a new love for my lips
This stuff is so smooth and smells great. I think I've applied it to my lips about 50 times today HA!

I can't get it out of my head that the Health Care Bill passed. Not a good thing for my opinion. But this is a whole other topic, that I may or may not get to. Thank goodness my hubby doesn't know how to blog on here, or he'd be ranting and raving about it more than me.
But I do have to post this one picture...
I'm so ready to start my new J-O-B!! I'm ready to continue to shop for scrubs!

I sure do wish I was at home with this sweet little girl.
(this was last night at dinner. she sat up at the table like a big girl in a buster seat. She did not eat one bite!)
She's actually sick right now with a throat infection. If me or her daddy can't be with her, then her memaw is the next best thing!

I'm off Friday and I'm hoping me, Kynlie and my mom have a date to the Dallas Arboretum! I think the weather is going to be in the 70's. As of right now it is, but we do live in Texas and it just my be 70 today and snowing tomorrow. That's how we do it!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday. I'm on my way home to see this hot chicka

Friday, March 19, 2010

God Answers Prayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So if you've been reading my blog lately, then you know I've been asking God for a change and asking him to let me be patient and show me the way I need to go in life. I have not been happy at my job for some time now. For numerous reasons, but the number one is that I'm an hour away from home. If something ever happens I'm not right there. I hate it. I've been at my current job for almost 5 years now. The past 18 months have been so hard on me, leaving Kynlie everyday to drive up to Dallas. Well all that is about to change! God has answered a prayer I have been praying for, for so long.
I GOT A NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be able to wear these
and these
(obviously not those two together, because, OH dear that doesn't match!)
Look how cute scrubs come!!!
wear that with some brown bottoms!! CUTE!

I got a job in a doctors office, in Ennis, where I live, just minutes (really less) from my house!!!! Is this just not an answered prayer or what? The funny thing is, it's mine and Kynlie's doctor! I have always like the medical field. I took two years of classes in high school thinking I wanted to be a nurse. Little did I know I would pass out at the sight of anything "red" HA! I sure do hope that's all behind me.

I am so excited! I do have to be honest though. I am scared to death. I'm used to working in a law office. Medical to law...that's a big change. I went back and forth back and forth about my decision. I know I would be giving up some things to do this, but being near Kynlie was/is so important to me.

I strongly believe God has a plan for each and everyone of us. I prayed and prayed when I sent my resume to this place that if it's for me then they would call, if not then to let me be patient and wait my turn. Weeks went by and I never heard from them so I knew they must have hired someone else and they did. I later found out they didn't offer me the job because they new I worked in Dallas and made "Dallas money" not "Ennis money" and didn't think I would be interested. Well something came up and they offered me the job anyways. We talked and worked somethings out and Wala...the job is mine!!!

I have to be honest again. I questioned God on whether I should do this or not. Why? I don't know. He would have never opened this door for me if He didn't feel it was the right way to go. So now I'm laying all of it in His hands and trusting Him. I was told there is room to grow there, so that makes me even more happy that I made the right decision.

I start my new job April 5. In the mean time...I'll be scrub shopping!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let's go back in time...

I'm came across some pictures of me when I was a little girl and I love looking at them and see how much Kynlie and I look alike. Although, she is a spitting image of her daddy...weird uh? I swear, if I wouldn't have been the one doing all the work, I would believe she's mine.

OK this first picture is the one that everyone looks at and thinks it's Kynlie until they notice the coloring and the old couch.
This was taken Jan 1983 I was 16 months old.
This one is too funny.
This is me on the right at one day old and Kynlie on the left at one day old.
Some times I tease my mom that the doctor got my picture switched with someone elses.
I look too Chinese HA!
The one on the left is me at 6 months at Easter, and I'm not too sure how old I was on the right.
This is funny too. Kynlie makes the silliest faces sometimes and I must have too. I wish I could could find a picture of my niece Bailee from her first Christmas. She is making the exact same face I am.
Me a little older
and a little older
This is me and my cousin Chad Ray
This is awful! Do you remember the crimper?
Oh look at that hair of mine.
It looks as if my bangs got put through at shredder and then I decided to crimped them HA!! And you've got to love my brothers pink and denim shirt!
Me and my cousins
Ok time to fast my junior year of high school.
Jr. Prom!
This is Me, Lindsey and Kari.
They were both my matrons of honor in our wedding.
Do you think I missed the blue dress memo???
I was dead set on getting a red dress that year.
How fun! I hope to dig up some more old pictures to share and compare!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friday Eve

It's Thursday and that mean tomorrow if Friday!!! And it's only a half a day at work for me. We have Kynlie's 18 month check up. 1 and 1/2 years old!! Hard to believe she's growing so fast. I love it though.
I'm so glad the weather is changing. This means more time out-side. Kynlie loves to be out-side and run around. The time changes Sunday. Spring Forward! We'll loose that hour of sleep, but it's alright, we'll get more day light.
Kynlie has so many out-side riding toys she got for Christmas that she hasn't really been able to play with. The other day when we got home, we played out-side for a little while with her car. I think she pushed it more than "drove" it.
Priceless! It's like "what? I wasn't speeding!" It's so funny, lately for some reason, she'll open her gas cap on her car and close it with her "milk gut" aka belly. Don't know why, but it's too cute! She hasn't quite got the concept of using her feet to move around.
I think the weather is suppose to be so pretty this weekend. Maybe in the 70's! I sure hope so. I'm about tired of the rain.
Already TWD (texting while driving) Oh dear! I'm hoping by the time she's driving, it will be completely against the law and no one will be doing it. Although I do not have much room to talk. I'm just as much guilty for doing it as most teens. Sad to say :(
She feel at one point while playing in her car. So I ran over and helped her up and dusted her off and she got back to playing. I look over and she had fallen again, so I run back over and help her. Then I noticed she was doing it on purpose and then would look over at me and say "uh oh" and want me to come help her. This went on for a good five minutes at least. She's a mess. A mess I just love to pieces.
These next pictures are from my grandparents house this past weekend on my moms birthday.
This beautiful chair (insert sarcasm) was made by my uncle Tommy, my dads brother, for my grandparents. We (I) call it the redneck chair. My parents and a friend of theirs has one too. I couldn't resist puttin Kyn up there for a photo shoot. She loved it!
Two of my most favorite people in the whole wide world. I love you mom!!!!!
You are an amazing Memaw to your granddaughters!! Don't know what I'd do with out you
This face makes my heart skip a beat. I'm more in love with this child than I ever thought in my life I could love. Who knew being a mom would be the most rewarding gift from God.
Ok enough with the sappy stuff HA! Time for more cute pictures of Kyn. I'm enjoying my new toy if you can tell.
This is Jessy, my grandparents dog. Kynlie LOVED him!
She loves her Pappy
This is my step grandma, my dads step mom Janie. One of the sweetest ladies ever. I love her so much.
Most of you know that Kynlie is just an angel. She's a pleasure to be around. She's always in a good mood. She's act just fine in public. She eats well for the most part. She plays well. She's perfect for Heather. She doesn't talk back (yet). But sometimes she can be a toot. So this is what we do if she's bad...
I do hope you all know I'm kidding!! HA! Saturday while at my grandparents, Kynlie sure was being quiet and I look over and this is what I saw. She put her self in the dog cage and shut the door. She was having a blast! Play with Jessy's toys and sitting on a soft cushion. We all just about peed our pants with laughter.
This child will brighten up any day. Thank you God for her!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Momma (yesterday)

Yesterday was my momma birthday! We were so busy yesterday I didn't even have a chance to post anything on her actual birthday.

Yesterday, Kynlie, me and my parents went to Rockwall to see my grandparents (Brad was in Arkansas working). My dads, dad and his step-mom. We had a really nice lunch and an amazing cake!! My step-grandma made my mom an mandarin orange die for!!!

After lunch we all just sat around and visited. Kynlie and I haven't seen them in so long and it was great to see them. They have a huge backyard with lots of landscaping and plenty of room for Kyn to run around.

My brother showed up around 5:00 so we stayed around to wait on him then mom, Kyn and I left around 6 something. I then treated my mom to dinner at the Grand Buffet Chinese place. Kynlie was not!!!! She was so tired from the long day we had. They only nap she got was in the car ride home and it was not enough for the sweet little girl.

We had a great time yesterday. I sure hope you did mom!!

Mom I love you so very much!!! Thank you so much for everything you do for my family. You are an amazing woman. I hope you had a great birthday. I love you!!!!!