Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Two Little Pumpkins at the Dallas Arboretum

Last week my mom and I took the kids to the Dallas Arboretum so that I could get some Fall pictures.

It was a beautiful day. Not a cloud in the sky. We got there sometime around 10 and it was already so packed we had to park in the back parking lot. But it didn't seem too crowded on the inside.

I had been talking about going for a few days and bought the kids new tops to wear for pictures. I told Kynlie all about the pumpkins she was going to see, and how she was going to get to sit in Cinderella's carriage and play in a pumpkin patch. She was very excited to go and take pictures. Well much to my surprise, when we got there she wanted nothing to do with pumpkins, Cinderella, the camera, etc... She was a stinker (to put it nicely).
Kooper did great when we go there and I got a lot of nice pictures of him.


 (this last one cracks me up LOL!!!!)

I tried everything I could think of to get Kynlie to cooperate and take pictures, nothing worked. Finally, I told her I was sad and I was about to cry because she wouldn't take the pretty pictures and this is what I got from her...

After that, she was all about taking pictures and posing. I finally got her to put on her cute vest I bought for the pictures too. It ended up being a perfect day at the Arboretum.

 (My FAVORITE one of Kynlie!!!)

We headed back over to the kids area and I ended up with all of these wonderful pictures of the kids. I am so pleased at how it turned out.

(I love Kooper's face here...it's like he's saying "momma look at all the pumpkins")
 (I had this picture blown up to a 11x14 for our living room wall. I just love this picture)
 (Now he's saying "momma enough of the pictures already")

Kooper was a very good boy. Granted I kept shoving Gerber cereal bars down him and apple juice to get him back in the stroller with out screaming his head off. Which ended up being a mistake. After we got in the car and headed home, he kept fussing. I thought he was fighting his nap, but no...he was fighting a tummy ache. He threw up all over his self and the car seat. Bless his heart, I over fed him.

All and all it was a great day with the kids and my mom. I can't wait to go back for spring pictures.

Friday, October 19, 2012

14 months and a big booboo

Kooper turned 14 month just a few days ago. He's growing fast.

He's really starting to "talk" lately. The faces he make when he's "talking" to you, are too funny.

Him and sister are playing so well together now that he's getting older.

Guess what?? He's eating more for us!! He loves these gerber breakfast bars. If I ask him if he wants a bite, he puts his fingers to his mouth and walks to either the pantry door or his high chair. He LOVES chicken nuggets and fries! Maybe not the healthiest meal but he's eating.

On the other hand, he's still nursing. He nurses in the morning and at night most but sometimes through out the day, depending on how his day is going (he can be a little high maintenance lol). He's taking a sippy cup more too. Maybe we are at the end of the nursing stage.

Bless his (MY) heart he's still not sleeping through the night. Some nights he will wake up one time but most nights its two or three times. I'm ready for this stage to end. I'm so tired!

He is a very sweet boy and loves to give lovin. He will randomly walk up to people and lay his head on their lap and pat them and look up at them. He gives momma kisses all the time and loves giving hugs. He has a smile that will melt your heart!!

I wish he would slow down on growing. He's my sweet baby boy I want to keep little forever!

On the day he turned 14 months, I left for one hour for some me time and this is what happened...

Brad was putting the trampoline together and kooper was walking up and down our sidewalk, that's made out of 2x4s, one is coming up and apparently he tripped and caught the corner. Not too sure.... He looks like he's got road rash on his forehead. He's lucky it missed his eye.

It's healing finally. We have picture (I'm taking) on tuesday. I've decided not to wait until its healed because I figured it's part of life and it will be cute to look back on.

I'm headed off to bed...I'm sure mr Kooper will be calling for me soon. I'm trying to stay positive because I'll blink and my boy will be grown up and moved on. Time please stand still!

With Love

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Just Horsing Around

We really enjoy going out to Brads parents. The kids love to see all the animals. Kynlie loves to ride Eddie and of course Kooper loves to see his PawPaw.

Since it's not 100 degrees anymore, we let Kynlie ride the horses. Kooper for some reason isn't too sure about riding yet. He'd rather have PawPaw hold him. Kynlie was riding "by her self" since she was one.

It's nice now that they are just across the pasture from us :))

They have a nice piece of land behind their house where we ride, but also they have a tank that's lined with trees. When the sun sets, it's so beautiful. I try to remember to bring my camera when I know we're going to be out there. I've taken pictures out there years ago when Kynlie was a baby that turned out perfect.

These are the ones I got the other night. We were just playing around. I love this girl!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Y'all

I'm really enjoying Fall right now. I'm having so much fun decorating my front porch. Today Kynlie and I spend some time together while Kooper took his afternoon nap. We painted pumpkins! She had so much fun.

Lately she seems so much older by the way she's talking and acting. Prayers are being answered about her behavior. She's been doing much better. She has her normal fits, as all kids do, but like I said, much better!!

Our one on one time is so special to me and I know it means a lot to her as well. After we were done painting she said "I'll help clean up momma so you don't have to do it alone" So sweet! When we went inside she said "So, what are we going to fix for supper" Such a big girl. She's been into helping me make beds and gets so excited to show me her bed and how she's picked up her room.

(I think she's PERFECT)
I enjoyed taking some pictures of my fall decorations today. I think they turned out so pretty. I'm thinking of printing some and framing them around the house for the season. I have some other things in mind I want to add.

I'm about to go start supper while Kooper is still snoozing. Cheesy chicken and rice (not my Grandmothers recipe, although that's my favorite) Just something simple...chicken, melted Velveeta, rice, a can of cream of mushroom, & a can of rotel.
Have nice evening. I'll be back tomorrow....maybe :))