Friday, October 19, 2012

14 months and a big booboo

Kooper turned 14 month just a few days ago. He's growing fast.

He's really starting to "talk" lately. The faces he make when he's "talking" to you, are too funny.

Him and sister are playing so well together now that he's getting older.

Guess what?? He's eating more for us!! He loves these gerber breakfast bars. If I ask him if he wants a bite, he puts his fingers to his mouth and walks to either the pantry door or his high chair. He LOVES chicken nuggets and fries! Maybe not the healthiest meal but he's eating.

On the other hand, he's still nursing. He nurses in the morning and at night most but sometimes through out the day, depending on how his day is going (he can be a little high maintenance lol). He's taking a sippy cup more too. Maybe we are at the end of the nursing stage.

Bless his (MY) heart he's still not sleeping through the night. Some nights he will wake up one time but most nights its two or three times. I'm ready for this stage to end. I'm so tired!

He is a very sweet boy and loves to give lovin. He will randomly walk up to people and lay his head on their lap and pat them and look up at them. He gives momma kisses all the time and loves giving hugs. He has a smile that will melt your heart!!

I wish he would slow down on growing. He's my sweet baby boy I want to keep little forever!

On the day he turned 14 months, I left for one hour for some me time and this is what happened...

Brad was putting the trampoline together and kooper was walking up and down our sidewalk, that's made out of 2x4s, one is coming up and apparently he tripped and caught the corner. Not too sure.... He looks like he's got road rash on his forehead. He's lucky it missed his eye.

It's healing finally. We have picture (I'm taking) on tuesday. I've decided not to wait until its healed because I figured it's part of life and it will be cute to look back on.

I'm headed off to bed...I'm sure mr Kooper will be calling for me soon. I'm trying to stay positive because I'll blink and my boy will be grown up and moved on. Time please stand still!

With Love

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