Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Polka fest weekend & memorial day

We had a great but busy polka fest weekend & a fun memorial day.
Our town celebrates polka fest every year on memorial day weekend. It really starts on the Thursday before and goes all weekend. We usually just hang out on Friday and cook on the grill. Saturday starts all the busy fun stuff!

We got up early Saturday and got ready for the annual parade. The parade seems to get bigger and bigger every year. 1000s of people show up in our town and line the streets to see all the beautiful floats and hear the Czech music and all the beautiful Czech costumes every one wears.

This is the Ennis high school cheerleaders on their float. (my niece is the one waving)

Andie and I!
After the parade we always go to the KJT and have the best lunch and listen to polka music and watch the kids dance.

After we left there we went to a friends house to swim most of the afternoon into the evening.

Headed to the pool

I love how you can see Koopers sweet fat feet in the back ground of this picture. :)))

A little fuzzy but still a cutie pie ready to swim!

She loves swimming with daddy.

Sweet chunkers took a TWO hour nap in the shade in the back yard! What a life :))

Someone pooped out before we left the neighborhood!

We went home and got cleaned up and went out to Bradley's parents friends house, who happens to be the grandparents of a sweet boy Kyn goes to MDO with. Good thing he was there, b/c kyn had a blast!! I forgot my camera & my phone so I didn't get any pictures of them. My mother n laws friend took this one of kooper & pawpaw and sent it to me

So sweet!!
Sunday we got up and went to church. We had a memorial day service with our hand bell choir and choir honoring our country!! I heard some of it from the hallway on my way back in to service from being called out because of kooper crying.
We walked straight from church to down town to shop. Polka fest always brings in the best vendors with the best shopping!
The rest of the day consist of naps, house work, Kyn spent the day with her nana and pawpaw, grocery shopping and then Bradley, kooper and I had dinner down town at a small Mexican restaurant where we sat out side. Then it was off to get our girl.

Monday memorial day started with Kyns first swim lesson of the summer

After her class we headed to brads parents to help put up their above ground pull. That was some hard sweaty work!

See that silver tarp the pool is sitting on? Well, under the tarp is dirt and sand that Bradley, me, his mom & dad all took turns flatting out so the pool would be about a work out!

That's what the kids did...lucky kiddos!

Finally it was ready for water!! It took over 5 hours to fill up! But I still got in once it was about 2ft and cooled off.
We had a yummy dinner

Brad did a little fishing and we just relaxed

So pretty!!!

She loves her daddy!!

Watching the frogs poke their heads up

Defiantly a pawpaws boy!!!

I love his shirt!! (pawpaw is spelled different than we spell it but I had to get the shirt)

Me and my favorite girl in the world!!!

We then headed in and watch the Texas Ranger WIN! Then headed home to get ready for the week.

What a busy but fun field weekend we had!!

With Love

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Texarkana trip through the eye of a phone

We are on our way home from a great trip to Texarkana Tx. I just love visiting Dawn and her family!! She has been my best friend since the 6th grade :))

I thought I would do a fast run down of our trip with my phone pictures. I have more on my camera that I'll post later.

We first stopped off in Terrell on our way and did a little shopping at the outlet mall. I pick this sweet dress up for Kyn at Gymboree for $8! It was originally $30.

I also got kooper a pair of froggy swimming trunks and Bradley bought him a new pair of Nikes (no pics)

We arrived at their place at 4:30 and went straight to the pool! (those pics from Fridays pool day are on my camera)

After the pool we went back in and had the best Greek salad I have ever tasted!! Dawn out did her self.

I have got to get this recipe!!

Saturday we got up and moving and headed out the door to the park while the guys played golf. First Dawn drove me around town to show me some houses and land they are looking at.

We went to this pretty park that had so many things to do and places to sit and have picnics.

(sorry Kyn had a mouth full of crackers)

Kooper did a little swinging! He looked so cute!

We then ran home real fast so Peyton (dawns oldest) could get ready for her t-ball game.
After the game we went home and put the girls down for naps and kooper played. Dawn and I got to sneak out and have some girl time!

We enjoyed each others company at a little Mexican restaurant and had chips and dip and a frozen margarita :))
We then went to a local store and did a little shopping :(

We headed home and got ready to go back to the pool. We swam and laid out for about an hour or two.

Kooper did not like the water!!

We headed back inside and had another wonderful supper. Dawn made the best chicken spaghetti!! After supper we just hung around, put her kids to bed (mine refused lol) played the wii and finally went to bed.

Got up this morning and went to church with them. They have a beautiful church. It reminds Dawn and I of the church we went to growing up, the same church Bradley and I go to now. We dropped the kids off in their classes and head to service. We had just finished singing the first opening sound and were seated when my pager from the nursery went off letting me know kooper was screaming his heart out. Bless his heart! He was out of his comfort zone and was not happy. So I missed service :(( I was pretty sad about it but I could not let him cry. Kynlie had a blast in Sunday school and didn't wanna leave :))

We then went to eat lunch and now we are headed home! We have about 2 1/2 hrs left before get home.

We had a great time and I can't wait until our next trip up to see them...

With Love

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Kooper 9 months

We are on our way to Texarkana Tx right now to visit my BFF Dawn and her family. Since we are going to be in the truck for 3 1/2 hours I might as well do Koopers 9 month post. Right now I'm sitting here with my ear phones on listening to my iPod because my sweet hubby is listening to classic radio shows. You know, those ones WAY back in the days before they had TVs? Talk about a snoozer lol!

Kooper turned 9 months on Tuesday the 15th. We had his well child check Wednesday. I like the 9 m check ups, because my sweet baby does not get shots!

23.5 lbs 75th percentile.
30 inches tall 95th percentile
Big healthy boy!!
He wears size 12 month clothes. 18 month in onesies. Size 3 diaper (might be moving up after the next diaper purchase) when he wears shoes, he wears a 3. But his foot is so fat I can hardly get them on HA!

He's still not a good eater. Some days are better than others. Dr P said I can start table food and see if he like that better. We just have to stay away from strawberries and peanut butter. We tried soft carrots and he did not like them. I dont think he likes textured food. He's still a breast fed baby. Will not take a bottle or paci for anything. He doesn't even like a sippy cup. He'll chew on the nipple of the cup and every now and then accidentally get a drink.

Elmo is still his favorite to watch. Im getting busy planning his Sesame street bday! I only have 3 months (tear)

His eyes are still blue ish. Some times they look grey. His hair is still strawberry blond. In the sun it really has a red tint. He has 8 teeth.

He is still not sleeping at night. Although the night he turned 9 months he slept in his bed from 11pm to 7am!!! I thought just maybe we hit a turning point. But the rest of the week he's been up every 2 to 3 hours nursing.

He is a full time crawler. He cruises all over the house following me and sister.

He pulls up on the recliner, the step in the play room and his tall toys. He moved from a small chair in the living room to the recliner standing up. I'm sure he'll walk before he's one. Not sure I'm ready! My baby is growing way too fast.

The people he adores at the moment are mommy, sister and pawpaw. He cried the other night every time his pawpaw would put him down or hand him to someone else. Spoiled much??

He's been falling asleep a lot like this on daddy. Daddy is now the official "put kooper to sleep" person!

He is the sweetest baby boy I know! He has a smile that will melt ur heart and gives this momma butterflies. I can't believe he's growing so fast. My love for him is out of this world!

With Love,

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our weekend & mothers day

Yes it's Wednesday and I'm just now posting about our weekend. Better late than never. Next I'll post Koopers 9 month post

Friday Kynlie and I had us a little girls time together. I love that girl more than I could ever explain. Our time together is precious. We went and had a late lunch together at Wendy's. She was being so good, so after we ate we enjoyed a sweet treat. A chocolate frosty for me and a strawberry shake for Kynlie!

We went and visited my mom at work before we ate. Kyn loves going up to her memaws work. She gets special attention from everyone!

We then went to Walmart to get mothers day gifts for my mom and mother n law. When we pulled in the parking lot it started raining really hard so we sat there to let it pass. I looked back and sweet girl was sound asleep! So I let her sleep through the rain while I made a short list of things I didn't want to forget.

We walked around for a while and just looked and talked. It was a really good time. I was so happy with her behavior that day (if only it were every day)

After we got home we loaded back up in Bradley's truck and went to his parents to have mothers day supper because they were headed camping on Saturday & will not return till Friday.

I colored my hair early Friday morning so I snapped this pic...just because. I like it darker brown!

It was a rain boot kinda night at the n laws. They have tons of mud puddles.

This is what we got our moms for mothers day. I love it! I want it for myself!

Saturday we had a wedding to attend. My best friends brother got married. It was the most beautiful wedding!!! The bride picked beautiful colors, they were teal and hot pink! Oh and the dress was amazing!!!!!

Kari & I (the BFF)

Me and my hubby!!

My parents! Who by the just had their 35th wedding anniversary on Monday!! :))

Sunday I went to church with just the kids. Brad had to work :( but he was home mid afternoon! The kids and I had lunch with my sister n law and her kids (brads sister) at chilis.

A very good mothers day gift...both kids taking a nap at the same time!!
But this was my real gift!

I LOVE pearls!! They can be classy, dressy, & casual! I can't wait till the day I have my Ma's pearls! I'll hand these down to kynlie one day!

That night we had supper at my parents. Me and my other sister n law (my brothers wife) and my niece Bailee cooked supper for my mom (and every one else) smothered steak, potatoes, green beans, rolls & homemade peach cobbler made by Bailee!!
Mothers day was great. It didn't quite go as planned and we had a small accident (kyn ran her tricycle behind my mom and my mom didn't see her and turned around and fell...with kooper in her arms...Thank God both were ok!!!)

Just a scratch on koops leg.

I'm so blessed to have two amazing kids that call me mom, momma, & mommy. It's the best feeling in the world to be a mom. I also am very bless to have a mon who loves me unconditionally and is my best friend but at the same time shes still my momma and a mother n law who is so kind and loving and loves me like her blood.

With Love

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