Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Randomness & Projects

I decided a long time ago I wanted to re paint our living room furniture. We got this furniture in 2005! It's held together through 4 moves and 2 kiddos.
This is one of the end tables before.

I was wanting a ivory color with a rustic touch and a dark stain on top. I looked all over pintrest for ideas. I found a lot I loved! So I went out and bought paint and supplies. Well, it didn't turn out like I wanted, but it's not bad and I can live with it...for now! (I'm waiting till we buy a house before I spend money on what I really want. And for the kids to get older)
this is how it turned out. Not so ivory/cream color from the card I picked out. Too white.

I decided to take the almost dry stain brush and rub it all over and see what would happen. Thankfully it I liked it.

Before and after. Much better but still not exactly what I wanted.

My coffee table. (I didn't notice the white smug until this picture...oops)

Next I want to replace my red rug for a brown one.
I thought I'd try my hand a some burlap curtains. I'm pleased. I would like to replace my blinds with the white wood ones and get a cute rod. But I defiantly like it better than the red.

I found this red cabinet on a Facebook sale page for $25!! I could not pass it up! So glad I was the one who got it first!! It had glass in the doors and on the side and it has mirrors in the back.

I took the glass out of the doors (thankfully they slid right out) and I added chicken wire!! I love it!!!!

Then I went through my kitchen and house rearranging decor and finding things put away I could decorate with. I have some work to do but I'm in love!! One of my favorite things is the lights on both shelves!

Seriously one of my new favorite things in the house now! Such a pretty touch to my country kitchen.

I thought I would teach my self how to sew ruffles, with the help of my momma on the phone. I love these colors and print. I made my ruffle pieces too large and didn't sew any to the back of the shirt and now it looks weird so I'm going to have to add some. Hopefully it won't look too bad for Kynlie to wear. It was suppose to be a ruffled shirt not dress.

For the 4th I let the kids make some fun shirts. Kynlie had fun and did great, but kooper didn't like it too much.

For Easter my mom bought kynlie this cute gardening bag and it had flower bulbs to plant. We planted them not too long after Easter. Look how beautifully they grew!!! There are three on each side of our steps

I think Kynlie is behind on her writing skills, but I'm told she's not. Anyways, she wrote her name for me with out help. I'm very proud. We have some work to do but not bad for a 4 yr old.

I bought this awesome dress/skirt off a boutique website for cheap! I love it!! I might be wearing it every week for a while. It so comfy.

I wore it last night to a funeral visitation.

This puppy!!! Oh my gosh!! I've never been a huge animal lover...not a hater, just never (in my adulthood) wanted any. But lately we have been discussing getting Kynlie a puppy for her birthday. She's been asking for a real one a lot. IF we decide to, I want this one...teacup/toy yorkie! It's a big decision to make and a lot of money to spend.

That's it for now. Next up I'm thinking of doing two speparate posts, one for Kynlie and one for Kooper. I have so much to share on both.
Don't forget to scroll down and see my other posts I've done lately. I'm on a roll!!
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A Day At The Zoo

(dont forget to scroll down and see the other two posts I've done. I'm trying so hard to get caught up)

A few weeks ago we all packed up and went to the Dallas Zoo. Me, Kynlie, Kooper, my mother n law, sis n law, niece, nephew, & 2 step nieces. We had a great day!! We got there about 30 minutes after it opened and it was perfect timing. We packed a lunch so we wouldn't have to spend a lot of money on food. Its so nice they let you do that!

Here is our day through pictures! Some are from my phone & others are off my camera.

All the monkeys ready to go in

My sweet babies! (side note: Kooper was awesome!!! He has never been a stroller baby but that day he was wonderful!! Never heard a whine from him and he never cried each time I had to put him back in & he even napped in there for me! I was one happy momma)

The girls waiting to go in. Kynlie, Masa, Jacee, & Karlye Jo.

The kids rode the carousel while we waited on Nana & aunt Robyn to get the rentals and cooler together.

Kynlie had to ride the Zebra of course!

Sweet niece Karlye Jo

We hung out while they rode!

Then we were off to see all the beautiful animals!!
Doesn't my nephew look thrilled? HA!!

I was trying to get a picture of Kooper with the turtles because he's so obsessed with ninja turtles these days.

I swear this gorilla was giving me the stink eye! He was moody!

Feeding the giraffes

I think this is such a neat picture of the Zebras

So close!! Thank God for thick glass!!

They were being lazy

She was so pretty!!

Kynlie & the girls got to feed the birds

Me, Kooper, & Nana stayed out.

He loved this fake turtle! Such a sweet boy!!!!

Check out the nasty long neck on that turtle! Eww!! Kooper kept asking to go back to see him.

She got tired of too!!

Nap time!

We rode the carousel one last time before we left and Kooper rode and loved it!!!

Sweet Lion!

We ended up coming home with these two gorillas/monkeys

It was a great day & we can't wait to go back. My sweet mother n law bought a family pass so we can go unlimited times with out a cost!
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