Monday, December 26, 2011

My life!!

Just wanted to post a few pictures of what's most important to me!

With Love

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011, Koopers 1st, & tradition

Merry Christmas Eve!!

We have had a great day! We spend Christmas eve with Bradleys family. Today we headed over to my n laws around 10:30. My father n law was frying fish and fries and some other yummy fried and baked things.

We ate lunch and stuffed our selfs full! Food was very good!! After lunch we opened gifts. Kids hit the jackpot this year with gifts from nana and pawpaw. I think they're a little loved!!

Kooper got this cowboy hat from his aunt Robyn. Doesn't he look cute!?? Looks just like his daddy!

Kynlie got a new pair of cowgirl boots! Nothing like a sweet cowgirl in a tutu! I love it!

(I have a lot more pictures on my camera I'll try and share later)

After we opened gifts we just sat around and visited and the kids played with their new things.
We left a little after 7 so we could get home and do our Christmas eve tradition.

Every year we buy the kids (Koopers first yr!) new Christmas pj's and a Christmas movie.

This year we got some classics. It was a set at Walmart. I think Bradley is more excited about these movies than the kids. He loves these old movies.

Kynlie got pink (of course) pj's with ginger bread, pepper mints, candy canes, & Christmas trees on hers. Kooper got a sweet red and white striped babies first Christmas sleeper with Santa feet.

Bradley and I are suppose to be getting each other Christmas pj's too, but he forgot and we picked mine out last minute last night while I was there. Sadly they are too small lol but still wearable! I got him a pair of the Christmas Story boxers lol! He loves them!

Then we get the cookies out and pored the milk for Santa. This year we left Santa a note.

Rumor has it that Santa like Oreos! ;)

Daddy and Koop man watching the movie.

Momma and sister cuddled up in the recliner!
I love Christmas time!! I love traditions. I hope this one will last and the kids will always look forward to it and maybe we can add to it each year.

Well right now kynlie is in her room, hopefully falling a sleep watching Dora Christmas and Koop man is crying in the bouncy. So I better get!

Happy birthday sweet baby Jesus!
With Love

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas pictures

I have a post about Thanksgiving saved in draft, I just have to add the pictures. Sadly I'm getting bad at this blogging thing.

I recently took our own family pictures for our Christmas cards. I love how they turned out!! Also I took some pictures of Kynlie, Kooper, & and my niece and nephew for a Christmas gift for Bradley parents.


Those are just a few of my favorites!!

Now enjoy my favorites of the kids!!

With Love

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