Monday, January 6, 2014

365 days picture a day. Day 6

Day 6 picture a day.
Today was the first day back to school from Christmas break. Both kids had a great day and got back in the routine pretty good

We had supper at Bradley's parents tonight. His dad chicken friend some of the hog Bradley shot. So yummy!!

These kids adore their pawpaw!! They sat in his big chair and watched scooby doo. Not a favorite of mine.

Tomorrow it's back to the gym routine while Kynlie is at school and gymnastics at night. Life is getting busy again!

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

365 days a picture a day. Nothing much

I just realized I didn't take any pictures today! What? Me?

So I snapped a quick one right now of my pretty nails. I went and had my nails filled today after church (thanks mom)

Today was a busy day but a good day! The kids and I ran to church. We were running late for the second Sunday in a row!

Then we had lunch with Bradley's parents. Then headed to my parents for the rest of the afternoon for my daddy's birthday supper.

Bradley was at the deer lease for the last time this hunting season!! Hallelujah it over!!!

Kynlie and I went to church later tonight for evening service and her Mission Friends class.

Finally we all made it home and then started back to our routine because school starts back up tomorrow!

Speaking of's suppose to be in the teens when we leave for school and the wind chill is around 0!! I thought we lived in Texas?? If it's going to be this cold, at least there could be snow on the ground!

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

365 days pictures a day. Day 4 & hunting

Day 4 picture a day.

My morning started off extra early today. Kynlie spent the night with a friend and at 5:45 this morning her mom called saying Kynlie woke up and wanted to come home. Bradley had already left for the deer lease so I had to wake Kooper up and go get Kynlie. By the time we got home they were both wide awake and ready to go. Not me! So needless to say, it's been a long day.

I didn't leave the house again until this evening when we took the kids to Dairy Queen for some ice cream

Bradley and the kids were all hyper and daddy thought having a pillow fight was a fun I was laying on the bed trying to enjoy a movie.

This was Bradley's kill tonight at the deer lease. These dang hogs are a pest when it comes to deer hunting. Pretty appetizing isn't she? Lol!

These next pictures aren't from today but I wanted to post them anyways... I enjoy going hunting with Bradley. It's time alone together. We tease that's it's perfect because he can be with me but doesn't have to listen to me talk because I have to stay quit lol!

Last time I went we didn't see any deer but we say a load of hogs. Nasty, huge, loud, hogs and some babies. Bradley shot at a baby one because supposedly they are better to eat. He got her, but the only bullet he had was more for a deer and blew the hog up basically. So we didn't keep her.

Ok I'm off to bed...maybe. Maybe some pinning on Pinterest!

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Friday, January 3, 2014

365 days picture a day. Day 3. My daddy's birthday

Day 3 picture a day
I didn't take many pictures today. I think only two.
We had a easy day. We messed around the house and then I took Kynlie to a friends house to spend the night.
Later this evening Bradley, Kooper, and I went to his parents for supper.

Again, my son in the dog cage. I can't keep him out!!

This is a little dark but can u see the pouty face? He was being fussy and giving my mean looks.

Today is my daddy's 59th birthday! I posted this picture collage on Instagram today.

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

365 days picture a day. Day 2

Day 2 of picture a day

Sweet girl fell asleep eating chips at 10 at night. Don't all moms let there 5 yr olds eat Doritos late at night?

Dixie girl cuddling with me.

I posted this on Facebook tonight. I love it!

My afternoon looked a little like this. Kooper in the dog cage, fighting me to get out, Kynlie upset (although u can't tell in the pic) that she can't fit in koops zip up sleeper and the fact she doesn't have one anymore, & me waiting on daddy to get home so I could get a "break"

My crazy daughter! She always puts on koops clothes. Need fashion advice? Here you go!

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365 days picture a day. Day 1

I'm going to TRY SOOOO HARD to post a picture (maybe more) a day. We will see!!! If I can post on Instagram and Facebook there's no reason I can't post on my blog. The app is right here on my screen, so why not?!

January 1, 2014
Day 1 pictures

We went bowling yesterday for my two step nieces birthdays and had a great time! I'm so blessed to be apart if the Kubin family!

Kooper and Kynlie riding the fire truck

Kooper with his hero, pawpaw

My sweet girl

My beautiful niece Karlye Jo. She's one of the sweetest girls ever!!

Sweet Dixie sitting pretty on my shoulder. Her favorite spot!

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

We are now a family of 5

We are now the proud parents of a sweet 6 week old toy chihuahua. It's a girl!! We have named her Dixie Rainbow Dash Kubin (Kynlie picked her middle name lol, from my little pony).

She is so sweet!!! When we picked her up today, I got to visit with her mom. I was so pleased to see that she was not hyper, "yappy", jumpy, and she was very loving! Ive heard and seen most chihuahuas can be all of the above.

She is mostly black with brown paws and brown around her mouth and eyes. I'm not sure what she weighs right now, but it can't be much. Her full grown weight is estimated to be 5 to 6 lbs!!

Kynlie loves her so much, I knew she would!!! She's begging me to let her sleep in her room, in the crate, but I'm not so sure right now.

Kooper cried all the way home because I wouldn't let him hold her. He forgot about her after his nap. When he saw her later, he went crazy to hold her. So we finally let him and surprisingly he was pretty gentle. He kept saying "my gog" "hi, what you doin" and cried every time I took her.

She's already spoiled. She likes to crawl up on my shoulder and rest. I know she's very young but we are having a hard time getting her to eat and drink. Only way I could was to place it on my fingers and let her lick it off lol! She likes to tuck her head in the corner of the bed and sleep. The last picture above, she fell asleep eating out of my hand.

She's so so tiny. That pink stuffed toy is just about the same size as her.
I've always said I would never get a dog, cat, etc... Much less a inside dog. But I'm glad I decided to. I think Dixie will be a wonderful addition to our family. Let's face it, I'm having baby fever so bad and can not have anymore babies, so I'm fixing it with Dixie! But no worries, she will never ever take the place of my two most precious kiddos!

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