Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kooper 10 months

How is it possible my sweet boy is 10 months? He turned 10 months last Friday.

He's growing like a weed. I may say this on every monthly post but he is so sweet!! He is defiantly a mommas boy and very attached to me. He seems to have such a calmness about him. He's not "talking" much. He can say dada momma but he doesn't say it that much. Sometimes when he's playing with something we think he says "dis" (this). He giggles a lot!! I try saying things like ball, sister, momma, bite, eat, help him.

This is him with his 3rd cousin Grace.

He is wearing size 12 to 18 month clothes! I believe he's 24lbs. If I could get a shoe on his chubby foot I think he would be a size 3 maybe 4. He has 8 teeth. His hair is still blond ish with a red tint to it. Brad and my brother were both cotton tops as babies so I wouldn't be surprised if he has blond hair.

This was on fathers day. As much as he is attached to me, he sure does light up when his daddy walks in the room.

He's my snuggle boy! He take really good naps when we are home. If we stay home all day, I can get two pretty good naps out of him. If we are on the go, he just naps off and on in the car.

He LOVES his pawpaw and I mean LOVES!!! He's picked him over me many of times lately. I have a feeling they are going to be big buds.

He is still NOT sleeping through the night. I have a hard time getting him down at night. I usually have to nurse him, lay him down and let him cry for a little while, then nurse him again And then he's out...till 3am. I haven't let him cry it out in the middle of the night yet because I'm afraid he will wake kynlie. I know he's not hungry but he wants to nurse. I have my work cut out!

He's not a water baby!! He does not like the big pool so we tried the little one and he just crawls out.

At 10 months old and 24lbs he still takes a bath in the kitchen sink! He does not like the bath tub. We tried again last week and he cried the whole time. So we put him in the sink and he laughed and played!

Such a sweet pretty boy lol! Sister put her necklaces on him and he loved it....daddy not so much!

Brad was not impressed with this one either. Bless his heart he's out numbered during the day with me and his girly sister.

He loves his sister so much! She's a funny little girl and he laughs at her all day. They are starting to play well together!

I just could not resist this picture after his bath. I love those sweet fat cheeks!!

Him and sister sleeping in my bed while daddy was out of town.

This was today during his nap. I had to take a double take to make sure he was breathing lol! He was, so I snapped a picture! I can't sleep like that...I have to have air.

He is still not a good eater. He will play with food but not eat it. I've tried everything and he will take a few bites of a few things like squash and mango and other fruity ideas but that's it.

He's crawling soooo fast. I laugh because his bottom shakes side to side when he crawls. He pulls up on everything and will walk along side the coffee table. He stands up without holding on for a while. I don't think it will be long before he takes a step.

So my sweet boy is about to be one! :( I have been planning his party for a while...sesame street! I have some great ideas and can't wait!

I feel so blessed and over joyed with emotion sometimes to have kooper in our life's!! I love my son :)))
With Love

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day

Happy fathers day to my wonderful husband. He is hands down the best father for our babies!! My kids are so blessed to have him.

He works so hard for our family. He's the daddy that does it all...plays, feeds, bathes, dresses, loves unconditionally, etc...

Our kids love him so much!!

Thank you Brad for being an awesome daddy to our babies and setting and wonderful example to our son so one day he will be just as good as a father as you and setting the standards high for kynlie in finding her future husband.

Also happy fathers day to my daddy. I know with all my heart he loves me and my brother so much even if he doesn't alway show it. No matter what, he's my daddy and I love him.

And I can't for get about my father n law. He's a wonderful man and because of him, brad is the father and husband he is today. He's a family man, hard worker, Christian, and loves his grandchildren more than anything.

Happy fathers day to all dads!
With Love

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Random thoughts from a tired brain...

Its late and I'm laying in bed trying to fall asleep but I can't seem to shut my mind off. I've had an emotional day. I attended a funeral for some friends of mine mom/memaw. My heart breaks for their lose and it brought back some very hard memories of loosing my Ma & Papa & Grandmother. And it doesn't help that the friends episode that's on is where Monica and Ross' grandma dies (& yes I cried)

Speaking of my Ma & Papa, they would have celebrated 62 yrs of marriage yesterday

Oh how my heart misses them sooo much! But I have joy knowing they are both in heaven and I will see them again one day :))

I have been wanting to redo mine and Bradley's bedroom for a while now, I just cannot find the right colors I want to go with. Ive been wanting to sand down our furniture and try my hand at painting and distressing it. I like the idea of white and green. Something in between sage and lime. But I really like this....

I LOVE this look too!! The blue is beautiful but I think I want green

I want a sign like this in Koopers room

Ever since he's been born I've used instrumental music to help him fall asleep. In his room I have instrumental old hymns (that I could seriously listen to all day) but when I'm holding him, trying to put him to sleep or if we are not home I play "you are my sunshine" on my phone. I kid you not, as soon as it comes on, he's calm and most every time he's out in minutes.

I looked out my back window and saw this pretty little thing blooming

Only one, still pretty. All my flowers are doing good. I'm proud!

Well I'm going to try and close my puffy eyes and get some rest before someone wakes me up to nurse. But I'll leave you with two cute pictures of my life...

Kynlie said she had on her "Texas Rangers swim soup"

With Love

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