Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day

Happy fathers day to my wonderful husband. He is hands down the best father for our babies!! My kids are so blessed to have him.

He works so hard for our family. He's the daddy that does it all...plays, feeds, bathes, dresses, loves unconditionally, etc...

Our kids love him so much!!

Thank you Brad for being an awesome daddy to our babies and setting and wonderful example to our son so one day he will be just as good as a father as you and setting the standards high for kynlie in finding her future husband.

Also happy fathers day to my daddy. I know with all my heart he loves me and my brother so much even if he doesn't alway show it. No matter what, he's my daddy and I love him.

And I can't for get about my father n law. He's a wonderful man and because of him, brad is the father and husband he is today. He's a family man, hard worker, Christian, and loves his grandchildren more than anything.

Happy fathers day to all dads!
With Love

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