Saturday, January 30, 2010

Getting Bucked Off

You know this wasn't all that funny when it first happened. But now as I look back it's a little funny....well maybe not. HA! I started to record Kynlie riding her horse, because she put her purse on her arm and her hand up to her ear and was acting like she was talking on the phone. Too cute! Then she starts pointing at something and well you can see the rest. (please excuse our messy play's hard to keep clean)

Don't worry, she was just fine! She cried for about 2 minutes and then she was back to her normal funny self. Now she's all nice and warm in her bed....hopefully asleep!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Around the house

We haven't been up to much lately. Just hanging out together! One day it's warm and then next it's freezing cold. We do live in Texas! (which I love!!!)

Kynlie has been so much fun. Her little personality is starting to really come out and I LOVE it!! She makes Brad and I laugh so much and let me tell you, it makes my heart so full to see such a happy baby!

She's been trying on mommas shoes lately. Just wait till she finds my high heels!

The funny thing is, she'll only walk around with just one shoe on. She's also been putting her own shoe on and it's the right shoe on the right foot, but then she tries to put her left shoe on her right foot too, but hey...she's learning!

The other day Heather and I took a long trip to Target with the girls

We had so much fun with these girls. They love each other so much!

Look at the beautiful face...she was soooooo good at Target, especially for the amount of time we spent there!!

Brad's parents came over on Sunday, so we took Kynlie outside for a spin around the sidewalk. She loves this...

It was a little cold out, but we thought it would be ok just for a few minutes...she was having way too much fun to go in.

Then she played in the leafs

Isn't this Minnie Mouse jacket so cute?! My mom bought it for her and I think it's just too cute! I love how the hood is Minnie's face!

Daddy has to go out of town and work for the weekend so it's just use girls. I have BIG reorganize my closet and get all the clothes that don't fit out (so that means everything HA) If I'm brave enough...I'll show some before and after pictures. The before maybe a little shocking HA! Brad would be so proud of me when he gets home. Lets just hope I stick with my plan and not do a lot of this...

that's what I'd much rather be doing with that sweet baby!

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (kinda)

My sweet baby and her funny personality!!



I'm madly in love with all her silly little faces! She makes me smile so much!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Grab some pop corn and a coke and sit back and relax!!

This post is going to be full of video's. I have been a bad blogger. I have a ton of pictures I want to post, just finding the time (at work HA) to do it is the problem. I have the time at home...but I try to spend it with Kynlie and now she's been wanting to sit in my lap every time I'm on the computer, so it's hard to do much (but I don't mind).

I have been saying 1, 2, 3 to Kynlie for a while and sometimes she "say" it back in her own words, "oh, uh, ee" but it always sounds like 1, 2, 3. Except this last time... she's made her own words up. "Ba, De, Da" (something like that).
This first video she does it at the beginning and that's the only time she would do it for the camera. Of course she did it over and over before I started to record. Isn't that how it usually is?

This second one, Brad and I just thought was too funny. Of course you all may not find it as funny, but as Kynlie's parents we do. Brad was recording and I said 1, 2, 3 and she would start to say her words, then she gets distracted by Brad and then the rest is just fun for us.

This video I took Friday afternoon When I got to Heather's to pick Kyn up. They were all playing outside. Justin, Heathers husband was taking Grace for a ride on their (child's) 4-wheeler and Kynlie was chasing them and wanted a ride so bad. I started to record because we were all laughing at the way Kynlie was "riding" the tractor. She wouldn't sit down on the seat, she walked it around. Then she saw them and took off.

This last video show Kynlie's personality to a T. This girl is a very out going, happy, show off, spunky little girl! You would think I give her coke and lots of sugar...but I don't!! She's just happy and that makes my heart jump for joy! I think she has a little dose of mommy and daddy in her...we both can be a little goofy at times.

So, there you have it. Hope you've enjoyed your couple of minute so Kynlie production!
Lots of pictures to come!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Call It What You Want

I'm calling it "Reminiscing" I've been sitting her looking through so many pictures of Kynlie from the day she was born to up to a few weeks old. She is so precious...and tiny!
Just a about an hour or so old

A day old. AWWWW

2 days old. Look at that face!! I love that face!

So peaceful!! I could have held her all day long and I'm pretty sure I did!

1 and 2 Weeks old. She loved her bouncy seat and poppy pillow

I love this picture

I am missing that "infantness" of having a child. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the stage we are at with Kynlie. She just turned 16 months and she is amazing! She's so much fun to play with and watch play and learn new things. I just have that feeling inside where I want to hold a newborn baby and do all the new born things.

So I guess you can call it "Baby Fever"!!

(I'm not pregnant, don't worry. Just loving the idea of it, but we know it's not the right time yet)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Nutt'n Much

Just felt like posting but don't have much to post about. Kynlie's been sick and I've had a cough my self but I feel OK. It's been pretty busy up at work. We've moved into a new office. We're "uptown" Dallas now. I'd like to go back "down town", but I have a great view.

My job can get stressful and overwhelming at times. It should be an easy job, but what job is "easy". I told my self "I need more positive in my life" So lately I've changed all my radio stations to 94.9 KLTY. I've listened to it from time to time, but now that's all I listen to. I thought maybe it would help me be calm and remind me that God is in control and will never let me down and to take each at a time and be thankful for every thing I have, especially a job.

I want to share this picture with you. To you it may not be nothing but to me it's so sweet. I took Kynlie with me to the store the other day, so Brad could do some things around the house. She was so tired and just conked out on me at the store. Usually she doesn't do that, she's usually she's the life of the store.

Heather sent me this picture today of Grace and Kynlie. They are so cute together. Best Friends Forever that's for sure! I'm so excited, tomorrow, Heather and her husband and Grace are coming over for the Cowboys game and dinner. The girls are going to have so much fun.

I wish I would have thought to take a picture last night, but I didn't. Brad had Kynlie all day by him self yesterday because the roads were too bad for him to go to work and I didn't want to get her out. When I got home, she looked just like a boy, dressed in camo, her camo's didn't even match, one of her sock was inside out, what little hair she has was a mess, and she had dry boogers all over her face HA! I died laughing... glad he didn't take her anywhere looking like that. But she had a great time with her daddy all day!!

It's Friday and the weekend is starting. YIPPEE!! Everyone have a good weekend!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy (Pappy)

Today my daddy is 55! Yes, I still call him daddy too.

Our relationship is different. We love each other with all our hearts, but we don't always see eye to eye on everything.

We look nothing alike (or I don't think we do) but we act just alike. I have his personality. We both could talk to a brick wall if we had to. We are not shy. We are both big jokesters.

We may not be as close as I wish we were, but I know he loves me. I know he'd be there if I ever needed him to. When I was sick in 2001, he hardly ever left my side (my mom never left my side...thanks mom). He never missed any of my games I cheered at though school or any of my soccer games.

He's an AWESOME cook. I love it when he surprises me and brings by something good he's made up.

I love this man so much!! I pray for him all the time...more than he'll ever know.
Happy Birthday Daddy/Pappy. We hope it was a good one.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Day 2009

I'm finally getting around to posting about Christmas day.

This is what Santa brought Kynlie

Now she can ride in style

This was when she first saw her new car

Testing her new wheels out

Let's see how it pushes

She had to take a break from her car so she could bust a move

It's also a great place to relax and watch TV

This picture cracks me up... Daddy must have been going pretty fast LOL

After presents, breakfast, and playing in her new car, we all got dressed so we could head over to Brad's aunts house for Christmas lunch. I didn't get any pictures over there because we didn't get to stay long. We had to get over to my parents house for Christmas.

Hanging out with Daddy at memaw and pappy's

I love these two girls so much, I can't even explain it. This is my niece Bailee

She's ready to open presents

Giving her bear Memaw and Pappy gave her some love

Opening presents

She would had rather played with the box. (best present I ever opened right there)

Us girls (me, SIL Andie, niece Bailee)

Fixing to go for a spin around the yard

After a long day of good food, lots of presents, and hard playing, this is what happened

we got home and she crashed in my arms before I could even get my jacket off. Needless to say, I didn't mind a bit and we sat like this for a long time, before I had to wake her to get her in her pj's and then she went right back to sleep.

We had Christmas at Brad's parents the Saturday after. Once again, Kynlie got lots of good things.
She got her first 4 Wheeler from Nana and Pawpaw

She wasn't too thrilled about it at first

She also got a cute camo shirt that say My First ATV in pink

It was a great Christmas this year. I think someone got a little more spoiled....but that's ok SPOILED=LOVED