Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Hunt Is On

Bradley has finally got on a deer lease after 8 yrs of not being on one. He's been able to hunt these past 8 yrs, but with friends on their leases.
Today I had the pleasure of joining him for an evening hunt. I was excited to go and spend some time with my hubby. My parents kept the kids for us.
Me and my huntin husband

The feeder. It's so quiet out there and when that thing dispensed the corn, it scared the poo out of me

Bradleys lonely deer stand. We were inside his pop up blind/tint.

Me! I got a little bored at one point, so I started taking pictures. Excuse the no make-up. The husband and deer didn't mind lol

Keeping a look out.

The gun, waiting to be fired

The sunset was very pretty out there.

We didn't see anything tonight. But that's ok. Bradley shot a "messed up deer" yesterday. I'm not too familiar with all the rules of hunting, but u can shoot a messed up buck and a legal one. The county he hunts in doesn't let you shoot doe, unless it's doe season (some let you on Thanksgiving weekend) and too bad because his deer lease has a lot of doe. Bradley has his game cam set up and when we checked it, it had over 400 pics on it just from Thursday. Bradley was not happy when we checked it and found most of the pictures were hogs. Not good for hunting deer.
I'm ready to go back. I hope next time I go, we see something and it's a shooter. I hope to get video too.
With Love
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Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

I am very thankful for all I have. Here are some of the most important things I'm thankful for every single day!!

My kids! They mean everything to me and I thank God daily that he allows me to be their mom. What a gift!

My husband. He's my better half. He truly is the best husband a girl can ask for. I'm very thankful for him and all he does.

My parents. I have loving and supportive parents. They are by my side at all times and love me and my family unconditionally.

And I'm specially thankful for my mom! She's my best friend. Im thankful i can share everything with her. I'm not sure what I'd do with out my mom. I'm so thankful to have a mom who has and will alway be apart of my life.

I'm so thankful for my n laws. They are so kind and have such a big heart for others. They love us and our kids unconditionally. They are always there for anything we need. (no picture of my mom n law)

I'm thankful for my sister n law! She's been in our family for 20 yrs. she's more than a n-law she's my sister and best friend. I'm thankful for our relationship.

I could go on and on about people I'm thankful for. I truly have been blessed with wonderful family and friends.

Be thankful everyday for what you have. You are not promised tomorrow, not even the rest of the day. I don't take life, family, & friends for granted. It truly is a gift we should thank God for.

With Love

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Picture Perfect

I wanted to share a picture I took tonight of Kooper and my father n law.

Kooper adores him!!

Also I want to share a picture of my superman.

That sweet hero turned 15 months last week and is as sweet as can be.

With Love

Friday, November 16, 2012

I'm A Big Girl Now

I've been meaning to do this post for a while now and keep for getting.

Back in October my sister n law Andie and I took Kynlie to get her ears pierced. I had been talking about to her for a while and even explained how it works. She kept asking and asking when I was going to take her, so I finally did.

To be honest, I think I was more nervous about it than she was. I don't think she really understood what was about to happen, although I told her plenty of times.

Patiently waiting.

Getting little dots drawn on to mark the spot.


Snap!!! Bless heart sweet heart!!

Sad face :(

But they are so pretty.

She stopped crying very fast and I let her pick out a pair of earnings to buy for when it's time to change them out. She's very excited that she has earnings now and can't wait to get more. She will get to change them out right before Christmas! I'm excited to buy her Christmas ones to match her outfits. Also it the perfect gift for Santa to put in her stocking :))

With Love

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Life Lately, through the eye of my phone

Here's what we have been up to lately. All the pictures are from my phone. Don't you just love today's technology?

We have done a lot of swinging and playing outside since the weather is nice. (random side note: see the view behind kooper? Beautiful right!? We have the pleasure of seeing that everyday at our house. Sunset at our place is gorgeous!!)

Kooper enjoys being home alone with me on Monday's and Wednesdays because he gets the couch to his self to watch bubble guppies!

And sometimes (all the time) he will sneak off in sisters room and put on her cowgirl hat. Too cute!

After school one day last week I let Kynlie cut out pictures of things she likes from the toy magazine and glue them to a piece of paper, for a Christmas list. She had so much fun.

Friday night we went to our home towns last home football game. It was my nieces last home game to cheer, ever. She graduates this school yr. Tears!! She's grown up on us so fast. She's such a special girl to me. I'll do a post on her yr of cheer soon.

These three pictures were at the game. Sadly we were loosing so we entertained our selfs by making funny faces.

Saturday our aggies pulled out a win over #1 Alabama! What? Whoop!!! I love my little chubby faced aggie here!! And of course silly sister sneaking in the picture at the bottom :)

Earlier that day Bradley went to his deer lease to check the feeder and get things ready for an upcoming hunt, so he took his future hunter with him. Is that not the cutest picture? Look at that wrangler butt!

I caught sister putting make up on bub Sunday night! Oops!

Monday was school pictures. Kynlie was excited to wear her "Zachary dress". Her "boyfriend" Zachary gave this dress to her for her bday and she hasn't wore until now. I think she was the pretties!

She's so special!! I love these moments when she falls asleep on me. I savior every single second!!

Now this cracks me up. I was setting the table and fixing plates for supper the other night and missy crawled up in bubs high chair and demanded to be fed! And of course sweet nana fed her. She's so funny!

Kynlie had her thanksgiving party yesterday at school. I think shes super cute in this fall sweater and her jeans tucked inside her cowgirl boots. Beautiful sunrise behind her peaking through the trees.

This is me this morning! Kooper decided he would wake up at 1:45am and not go back to sleep till 4am. He screamed every time I put him back in his bed. Long night, early morning!

I leave you with a sneak peak of our family pictures we took Sunday evening. I can't wait to see more, this is the only one I've seen.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kynlie's bedroom make-over.

I decided to redo Kynlie's bedroom back in August. She saw zebra sheets at walmart during the summer and everytime we passed them she kept saying she wanted them for her room. So I decided it would make a perfect birthday gift for her to redo her room and get new bedding.

My mom bought the sheets for her for her birthday and I got her the comforter. I would get new things here and there as I saw them. Right at her birthday we decided we were going to move so I put her room make-over on hold. I'm kinda glad I did because some great things came avalible for me to buy for her room. Back before Kynlie was born and right after she was born, my niece Bailee had her room in zebra and pink. A few years ago she decided to change her room up and sold all her cute stuff to her cousin. Well her cousin has now decided to change up her room and I got first choice at buying everying thing!! So it's kinda neat that it's staying in the family.

So here is Kynlie's big girl Zebra & Hot Pink with a splash of Turquiouse room she's asked for. Pay no attention to the ugly carpet!!
This bed skirt was made by my sister n laws mom for my niece Bailee
 Cute cross from Canton
 I wanted to hang this sign on Kynlie's closet but I couldn't get the nail in the door so it's next to it on the wall.
 The zebra curtains are from Bailee too. I bought the pink one when we moved in to the new house.
 Her letters KJK were from her bathroom at our old house. I had ribbon hanging from them with her bows on it. I'm thinking of "blinging" her letters out and maybe adding some pink, turquiose and zebra ribbon on it.
 Her old bedding had turquious sheets and when I went to change them I left two pillows turqouis to give it a pop of another color. I love it! Oh and we cant forget her pink lady bug pillow pet :)
 This may be my favorite of all. Her pink zebra high heel chair!!! This was Bailee's as well. It's in perfect condition, looks brand new!!!
Bradley painted her vanity before we moved. I'm pleased with the black and the inside of the drawers are pink, but I'm not too happy with the look of the handles. I'm going to change them out very soon. Possibly crystal knobs. I had the pink boea wrapped around the mirror with her zebra and pink tutu draped on the top but I haven't got around to doing that since we've moved in. I kinda like the boea the way it is. But the vanity and the walls around it need's too "blank" to me.
 This desk was bought in canton. I love it!! I was with my sister n law and Bailee when it was bought and I was pregnant with Kynlie. I never would have thought it would be ending up in her room one day :))
She's even enjoying sitting at the new desk already.