Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Activities

We had a calm, but fun Halloween this year. Kynlie was Little Red Riding hood and Kooper was a Deer Hunter/Pawpaw (one night). He was suppose to be a spider but my homemade idea fell through so I did a last minute search through his closet and came up with the deer hunter.

Sunday night we went to my in-laws church for their annual fall carnival. That's the night Kooper was the deer hunter/pawpaw. My niece drew at goatee on him and he wore his camo coveralls and orange shirt with a cowboy hat. He was a hit with everyone and his pawpaw was pretty proud.

Kynlie was the most beautiful Red Riding hood I've ever seen. She sported her red lips so beautifully. She's so funny about wearing lipstick. She loves it but will not talk because she's so afraid she'll mess up her lips. When she does talk, you can't understand her because she will not move her mouth LOL.

They had a good time at the CCOE (cowboy church of Ennis) playing games and walking around.

Wednesday, Halloween day, we went to our church for the annual fall carnival. Kooper was just a deer hunter this time and Kynlie was Riding hood again. And again looking just as beautiful as she did on Sunday. She had a good time walking around and playing games and winning candy and seeing the glow n the dark puppet show. It was pretty cool! She also got her pretty little face painted. Kooper had a good time too, hanging out with nana and daddy while sister and I did most of the activities.

We then headed over to memaw and pappy's (my parents) for supper. We had planned on trick or treating in their neighborhood, but once we got there and started eating supper, we were not up for walking around. So we handed out candy to the cuties that came by and the kids played out in the drive way.

We had a good Halloween this year. I'm sure next year we'll do more trick or treating because Kooper will be older and enjoy it better.

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