Friday, February 22, 2013

Update on life (longest post)

I've been a bad blogger lately. No good excuse other than life. We have been busy with all kinds of things.

We are on our way to spend the weekend with my best friend Dawn and her family.

So what better way to spend my time in the truck, but to blog! (I may even knock out more than one post...we will see)

So here's a random update of everything that's been going on.

Kooper turned 17 month and then 18 months since the last time I've blogged. We had his 1 & 1/2 yr well child check up last week Dr. P said he's perfect! 25 lbs & I don't remember how tall :( (I have it wrote at home)

The kids love helping their nana and pawpaw feed the animals in the barn. We spend lots of time over there.

We have had a few sweet moments with the kiddos. They really do love each other, although we are entering the fighting, picking on each other stage.

Bradley and I have had a few nights out together thanks to our wonderful parents who love keeping our babies. I love when we get alone time.

Daddy & Kooper have spent some time together.

Sister & I have had a few moments together too!

I got to enjoy a night out with my girls to celebrate my friend heathers birthday. We had so much fun!

Kynlie had a friend over for the whole day last week. They had so much fun wearing every single dress up dress Kynlie owns. Love sweet little girls!

My favorite faces

Kynlie had a great valentines party at school and reserved lots of goodies, as well as giving her friends some too.

I got to enjoy a rare day out shopping with my sister n law and niece.

Not everyday is sunshine around here. We defiantly have our share of fussy, momma hold my all day, give me, kinda days. But I remind myself they are only little for a very short time and I'll miss these days and most of all I remind myself how blessed I am to have them!

This is what my house looks like most everyday.

And about 30 minutes before daddy gets home I run around like crazy and make it look like

How sweet are my cowboy & cowgirl??!

One day while the kids were with daddy I enjoyed a little me time

Kooper is still very attached to his pawpaw! Everyday when we drive past their house kooper looks out the window and says Pawpaw real loud while looking for him. Sometime he will cry if he sees him and we don't stop.

He's still attached to his momma too!

And so is this girl!

***I want to note some things the kids are doing/saying (for my memory)

Kooper: he's talking so much these days.
Momma, dada, ball, dog, moo, where's the moo, where did it go (as he throws his hands up in the air), pawpaw, nana, no, coocoo (cookie) what that, thank you (although it's hard to understand). He loves to dance! He's really into bubble guppys, Mickey mouse, & jake & the never land pirates. He's sleeping all night (amen!!!) he may have a earlier morning than I like but that's ok. He still does not eat good. He's a chicken nugget eater and animal cookies. He still nurses...a lot! We are working really hard at weaning.

Kynlie: what a big girl she's becoming. we still have our behavioral problems at home, but at school, church, & grandparents she is so good and so sweet. She's very loving and tells me and Kooper all day she loves us and gives us random kisses through out the day. I absolutely love it! She adores my mom and dad, her memaw and pappy. She asks daily if she can go over there or what they are doing. She loves spending time with brads mom, her nana as well. She is really into riding Eddie the horse at my n laws. She's actually very good for her age. (I have to take an anxiety pill every time she goes lol). She's very smart and has a great memory (I hope that sticks with her through school)

There you have it. Our life lately. It's not perfect but it's ours life and I love it! I truly am happier than I have ever been!!

With Love

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