Friday, September 30, 2011

Last nights dinner - Smothered Steak

Not sure why this is my second post in a row about food but, oh well!

Last night I cooked one of my favorite meals. It's so easy and fast. I think my mom told me about this years ago.

I buy the chuck eye of round steaks. I like to use our plug in skillet. Place the steaks evenly in the skillet and season to your taste.

I would usually like to cut up a white onion for a great taste, but I didn't have one this time. So I used onion powder, garlic salt, and pepper. I season both sides, for a great taste.

Now the "smothered" part can be used with probably anything, but these are the things I like to use. Canned stew tomatoes and diced tomatoes. I also like to buy the ones with different favors. I love seasonings to my food, more the better!!

Then all you do is top your steaks with it!!

Cover and let it cook on the lowest temp for about 20 mins. Then check it to see if it's done or tender. It's hard to say what exact temp and how long b/c every cut of meat is different and will cook different. I don't like to cook it on too high b/c it can get tough.

I served it last night with mash potatoes, green beans and rolls!

So yummy!!! Enjoy!!!

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Christie Kubin

Monday, September 26, 2011

Afternoon snack - A must try

Lately I've been craving this yummy snack in the afternoon. **No I'm not pregnant again!

It's probably not the healthiest snack, but taste oh so good!

• I get a block of cream cheese
• cut about half or less if Im not too hungry
• soften it in the microwave for about 15 seconds
• poor A1 sauce on top
• dip with crackers

That's it!

I took this picture after I almost finished it off.

I like eating it with flavored crackers. These are the Walmart brand and are very yummy. I also like the chipotle and cheddar.


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Christie Kubin

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friday night lights

So our Friday started off with kynlie sleeping to almost 10am! What?? Wish I could have slept that long, mr. Kooper man had other plans for us.

I L.O.V.E LOVE Areosmith!!! I bought this shirt for kyn a long time ago and she's just now fitting into it. Plus it was a big surprise for me to find it in her closet!

My sweet cousin sent me this cute onesie for Kooper!

I couldn't help my self, I had to dress them up in matching outfits! (that's hard to do with a boy and girl)

We went and had lunch with my mom and then came home for a few hours. Then headed to the high school for my nieces pep rally. (all my pictures of that are on my camera)

I love going to the pep rally's. Not only because I love seeing my niece cheer but it brings back so many good memories from when I was cheering in high school, for the same school.

When we got home, Brad was coming into town from work and swung by and pick up kynlie and took her out to his parents to unload his trailer. So me and mom went to the dollar store to look around. Love that place. That post will be next.

That night was a home game and we have season tickets, so kynlie and I went to see Bailee cheer. Brad and Kooper stayed home, Brad was tired.

My sweet future Ennis Lions cheerleader!!

The stands look empty but we were there early. Ennis ended up loosing but oh well we had a good time anyways!! (more pictures to come from the game)

We came home and kynlie went to bed and slept in her bed till almost 5am!!! And that's an other post....

So now we are just sitting around the house on a Saturday night....and it's pretty nice!

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Christie Kubin

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blogging on the go

I saw on my friend Tarens blog that she's blogging from her iPhone with blog press, so I thought I'd try it out.

As much as I love logging on to the laptop and blogging, I just don't have as much time. Also, sadly most of my pictures are on my phone. With two kids now, it's hard to carry my big camera.

I'm still going to try and blog from the computer too.

Here are some phone pics.

My sweet boy in his new polo, I couldn't pass up at JC Pennys.

Koopers mean face lol

Kynlie on the way to school Monday!

Kynlie in her new ennis lions cheerleading outfit! Perfect for home games!!

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Christie Kubin

Thursday, September 15, 2011

To My Blog Readers!!!! I need HELP

I need a blog make over!!! I'll keep my back ground lay out, but I need to add Mr. Kooper Man to my blog, but I for some reason can't figure out how in the world to do so. I just want to add his pictures to the top and his name with ours.

You would think I could figure it out but, I couldn't.......................or I just didn't try hard enough ;)

ANY TAKERS OUT THERE WANT TO HELP ME OUT AND DO IT FOR ME????? (Amber? LOL) I'll give you my email and password and send you some pictures.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Surviving - September 11, 2001 - My Story

"Something special happened on this day ten years ago. I came to a realization that you and this country were going to survive even after what you were going through. I knew the because you are a fighter and have faith. That's just a couple of reasons I love you and this country so much. Hope yall have a great day and give kiddos sugars."

That was the text message I received from my daddy this morning.

9/11 has a lot more memories for me and my family. Not only was it the worst day in Americas history and the worst attack on Americas land. But 10 years ago while brave men and woman were fighting for their life's and other life's.....

I was fighting for mine

10 years ago I was laying in a hospital bed sick. At that time the doctors did not know what was wrong with me. All we knew was I was very sick and kept loosing blood but could not find a diagnoses. I had already been in the hospital for 2 weeks at this time and I was 2 days away from my 20th birthday and 3 days way from a minor lung surgery.

I remember laying in my hospital bed on the 17th floor at Baylor of
Dallas hospital and my grandmother called and told us to turn on the TV. I remember hearing nurses and doctors in the hall way talking about what had happen. I remember laying there watching the TV and hearing them say they have called all planes to land around America. I remember being scared and looking out my window, just waiting to see a plane fly by. I remember feeling so very sad for all the life's being lost that day. I remember feeling confused and not understanding what was happening and why it was happening. I remember thinking this isn't fair.

Well, I survived my illness. Thank God! I was "cured" and released in October. But my heart breaks over and over to see that over 3000 people did not survive that day and the days after.

As my dad said in his text I would survive and so will this country.

This country is surviving and will continue to survive. Our hearts will always hurt when we see the awful attack on our country and we will continue to grieve as the years go on, but we are surviving!!

We shall never forget that day. I know I wont...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2 Week check up

Kooper had his 2 week check up last week. He is a growing boy, let me tell you!!

He now weighs 9lbs 9oz and is 22 1/4 inches. BIG BOY!! He's off the charts. I had a feeling he was growing fast. He's starting to look bigger in the face and the neck and he's looking longer. Although he's still wearing newborn size clothes. It probably will not be long and I'll be putting 0-3month on him.

He's also eating A LOT. I feed him every 2 hours on the dot. I'm nursing and let me tell you it's wearing me out HA. I love the bounding and the healthy part about breast feeding but he's sucking me dry (sorry for the TMI)

I have a feeling he's going to take after Bradley's dad and be a big boy. Possibly a football line man...for the Texas Aggies or the Cowboys??????

Kooper is so sweet! I'm loving every moment with him. (even at 2 a.m. when I would love to sleep) During the day he loves to sleep. At night he loves to eat!! But he is starting to stay up longer periods of time between naps. I'm hoping that means he'll sleep better at night.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Kooper Mathew's birth story "No pushing"

I'm just now getting around to posting about Kooper's birthday. To say I'm tired is an understatement. When I get a down time, I try and sit and relax. I hope to keep blogging as much as possible because I have so much of Kynlie's first years and I would love to have Koopers too.

(this is what he wore home. He was 2 days old here)

I went in at 5:00 a.m. on Monday August 15 to be induced. (hoped I would have gone in labor my self like I did with Kynlie, but I didn't) I got checked in and in my room really fast. I was the only one there at the time. The nurse said it was a long slow night and they were glad to see me.

I got changed and in bed and that's when all the fun started. The nurse started to give me my IV and guess what, I PASSED OUT COLD!! LOL yep, just passed on out. I do not like needles and I have a low pain tolerance. I wasn't looking and I was laying down, but I just couldn't handle it I guess. I woke up really quickly (so I was told) but it felt if I was out forever! Then it wasn't long after I passed out, I started to throw up. I'm an awful patient HA! The nurse said she had been bored all night, so I felt I should give her a little excitement.

(yes I know he looks gross but oh well)
After all that I finally calmed down and started to feel better. They didn't give me my pitocin until some time after 7:00 a.m. It was a little while before I started to really feel the contractions. (I started to wonder if it was working) When I did finally start feeling the contractions I asked if I could get my epidural but I wasn't dilated enough. 3, going on 4. When I finally got to a 4 I was told I could but I had to wait because the anesthesiologist was in a c-section.

I finally got it, and felt very nauseous while getting it, but I did not pass out!!! I honestly couldn't tell you what time of the day it was when I got it, but I was glad to. I still didn't dilate very fast. Every time she checked me, I had only dilated 1 more cm.

At one point the nurse was concerned he was not head down, so she brought in a manual sono machine. He was head down, but not too low. They were waiting on me to dilate more before they came in to break my water. WELL that didn't happen. Funny story (at least to me). Our assistant pastor/music minister came to see us and pray for us and he was standing next to me at my bed and we were all just talking and I felt this POP feeling (even though I was numb) and a slightly warm feeling gushing in my bed. Out of know where I look over at Bro. David (assistant pastor) and just blurted out "OH MY GOODNESS, MY WATER JUST BROKE" and he looked at me kinda funny and everyone started laughing. I'm not sure why I turned to him and told him. It was like I thought he could do something for me LOL. Well, we kept on talking and it happened again, another pop feeling and warmth. AND I said it to him again. Then he grabbed my hand and said lets pray and I'll get out of here. I think I scared him LOL.

The nurse came in and double checked that's what it was, and sure enough it was my water. So things were moving along. The nurse decided to turn me on my left side  to see if he would move down some because he just didn't seem to want to move. I laid that was for about 20 mins I guess. Then she moved me to my right and that's when I started to feel more pressure in my bottom. I assume he was laying more to my right. She told me to let her know if  I started feeling a lot of pressure so I told her. She came and checked me and I was a 10!!!

They started preparing everything to get ready for his arrival. Calling the Doctor, bringing in all the equipment, and nurses. I kept telling the nurse I'm feeling a lot of pressure "down there" and so she got me ready (legs in the stirrups). The doctor got there and started getting dressed in his gown and gloves. As he was dressing I kept saying I'm feeling lots of pressure and everyone in the room, Brad, Mom, my friend Candice from church (who happened to just be in there when I finally dilated fully so I said it was ok for her to stay) and all the nurses said they could see his head. My contraction were very close and strong. Every contraction I had he was coming out. When the doctor was ready and sat "down there" he said don't push, your contraction is doing it. I had one more contraction and he came right on out!!! I didn't even have to push!!!!! How awesome is that??? The doctor said I made having a baby look easy.

(Brad watching him come out on his own while the doctor and nurses got ready)

So Kooper Mathew Kubin came in to the world at 5:22 pm weighing 8lbs 6oz 20 1/2 inches. A perfect healthy little boy!! Who we all love sooooo much!!! (he came 21 minutes before Kynlie's time, weighed 1oz bigger, and 1/2 inch longer....he had to out do her some how LOL)

Kooper is a name we had been talking about and we both just thought fit him and Mathew is my brothers first name (he's named after my dad's cousin's last name that's why there is only one T instead of two)
So there you have it! That's how he came into this world.