Monday, December 22, 2008

The weekend and updated pictures

Well we had a great weekend, we hung out with Memaw all weekend! Sadly daddy had to work and we didn't see much of him, but that's ok...he still got some Kynlie lovin! The weather was nice on Saturday, but then it got very cold very fast. Kynlie doesn't like to be bundled up in her jacket and put in her car seat. Saturday we help Memaw finish her Christmas decorations and then we headed to wal-mart...seems to be a every weekend thing for us. Of course I spent WAY too much money in there, as I always do! Then we came back a lot later and watch part of the Cowboys until Daddy got home. Sunday (Daddy had to work again) so I took Kynlie out to Memaws so that I could run to town and get my nails done and grab some things from the store. That night we got all dolled up (Kynlie did) and we went to Baylor Baptist to the Living Christmas Tree program, that I love going to every year. I've actually have preformed in it once before....long long time ago. Kynlie was awesome during the program. The most exciting thing about last night was that my very best friend Dawn and her family were in from Arkansas so I got to visit with them too!! She has two daughters, one is one month behind Kynlie... Kynlie has a best friend in another state and doesn't even know it yet!
Kynlie is smiling all the time...all day long. You just have to look her way and she'll smile, also if I'm talking but talking to someone else she smiles so big! She's really talking a lot too, you know cuing...all the time even in the middle of the night when we should all be sleeping!! I love it thought. I love her so much and I can't get enough of her beautiful smile!!!
The pictures below are some from this weekend and some from a few weeks back...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Playing with Pictures

I found this web-site that I love! It lets me edit any photo I want and make it any way I want. I don't have these options on my computer, so it's a good thing that there's a FREE web-site I can play on. It's
Of course all the pictures I pick to edit are all of Kynlie, because she's the prettiest of them all!! Here are a few I've played with....

Crazy Weather

This weather in Texas is crazy. You never know what it's going to do. BUT I wouldn't live anywhere else!! Tuesday the ice came in and we got to miss work!! We did attempt to go in but we got to Palmer and my car was sliding all over the road, so we made the decision to turn around and go home. It was so nice to be home that day. Bradley also got to stay home so we spent the whole day with Kynlie. Made me miss being at home with her. She's amazing and I still can't get enough of that beautiful girl. I'll put some pictures up soon as I can get them on the computer.
This weekend we're going to help Memaw finish putting up Christmas decorations (yes, she's a little behind) Daddy will be working the whole weekend so I'm sure Memaw and Pappy are going to get lots of Kynlie (& me) time. We love going to spend time with them, Memaw spoils both of us and we love it!
I still have a few more Christmas gifts to buy but for the most part I'm done and it feels great!! I told my self I was not going to buy Kynlie lots of Christmas gifts because she does not know what's going on, well you know that didn't happen. I bought and bought for her and I'm still buying.
Well hope the weekend is good for everyone. Stay warm...I hear the cold front is coming back through this weekend.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Pictures and Turning 3 months

Kynlie turned 3 months old last Friday. It's hard to believe she's growing up on us so fast! She's amazing!! She's smiling more and more everyday and cuing so much. Like I said the other day, I swear she's about to crawl (guess I better start baby proofing my house).
We had a great weekend. Friday night she stayed at her aunt Robyn's for a few hours because I went to our annual Girls Christmas Party. This year it was at Trista's house. We had a great time catching up with each other and sharing all the stories we all had. Trista's house is decorated so cute for the holiday's. I wish I had just a small bit of her creative ideas on decorating! The food was awesome, she worked so hard on preparing it all and it turned out great.
Saturday my mom came over and spent most of the morning and early after noon with Kynlie so Brad and I could go get my tired fixed (I had a blow out on our we home for Andie's b-day dinner) and so we could get ready for Christmas at Brad's aunts and she helped me get her things together for pictures that night. We went up to Arlington on Saturday night to have family Christmas pictures made and her 3 month old pictures. As you can see at the bottom they turned out wonderful! We were very pleased with them.
Unfortunately Brad had to work on Sunday. So Kynlie and I went to memaw and pappy's for lunch and then me, mom, and Kynlie went to wal-mart and spent hours in there, just looking around and buy Christmas gifts and decorations. Then we got home in time to see the Cowboys...not win :(
All in all it was a fast great weekend and I'm looking forward to the next. I love my weekends with Kynlie. I don't get to spend enough time with her during the week seeing that I drop her off at Heather's at 7:00am and can't pick her up till 6:00pm...11 hours is just way too long to be away from my baby. So weekend I make it the best I can!!!
Hope you enjoy the pictures

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our Holiday weekend's been a while since I've been able to blog. So much has happened lately. Lets see if I can jot it all down.

Kynlie has now found her foot, but it's only her left foot. She loves sitting on daddy's belly and pulling on her toes.

We had a short week at Heather's because of the Thanksgiving Holiday, but Heather got some great pictures of Kynlie, Beau, & Grace. They are all such sweet babies...future BFF & Boyfriend!! I'll have to get a picture of her and Ryder Newman soon...another boyfriend :)

Kynlie had her first Thanksgiving! Sunday before we had it at my parents was a good day. The sun was shinning, the Cowboy's won, & we all had lots of good food!!! We had Thanksgiving at Brad's grandma's on Thursday and also had a great day. (those pictures will come later)

Friday after Thanksgiving is a wonderful busy shopping day. Lindsey and I took off around 7:00am to go shopping. Of course the point is to by lots of Christmas gifts for a cheap price... I got lots of good things for cheap but most all of it was for Kynlie. Clothes, movies, shoes, stockings...all the good things she needs. No gifts for anyone. I'm going to be so behind this year.
Saturday we spent most of the day putting up our Christmas decorations (those pictures will com later too). I love decorating for Christmas, it make the home feel so warm and cozy!
On Sunday Kynlie and Daddy watch football most of the they always do and then Cody, Andie and Bailee came over for good dinner (NO TURKEY)
Monday I had off and I loved it. I got to spend an extra day with my beautiful girl. She played on her play mat for a while...or as daddy calls it Madigascar. She love the music and all the bright colors and looking at her self in the (deformed) mirror.

She's really starting to change and have a different little attitude. She now like to arch her back when we lay her in her swing and car seat. She has now figured out how to take her pacci out of her mouth but can't quit figure out how to put it back in, so she just sucks on her hand. I swear if she could get her arms strength up she would be crawling. She kicks her leg and moves them so much and holds her head up but can't get those arms going. She's about to turn 3 months old on Friday the 5th of December. I can't believe she's growing so fast. I'll have more pictures and updates soon.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just a small update... Kynlie has found her ear and it's so cute. I'm pretty sure that's what it is and not an ear infection. She's not fussy and has no fever. She sit and holds her ear all the time (I think it's cute but I am her momma)Oh and take a look at those eye lashes...beautiful!!

We went shopping this past weekend to find a Christmas dress and it wasn't easy. They (JC Penny's & Bealls) do not carry newborn or 0-3 month dresses it's starts at 6 months...I don't understand why. Well with my moms wonderful sewing skills, she will be able to take up the 6 month dress (I HOPE). I had to buy it, it was the pretties dress I've seen!! Of course we shopped for other clothes too and she came home with more than she needed.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The past few days...

So last weekend Daddy went hunting with PawPaw and stayed gone ALL DAY & NIGHT, so we ended up at Memaw & Pappy's for dinner and watch the Tech game. Sunday we had Karlye's 3rd b-day party. Kynlie was a very good girl and let everyone hold her (sometimes she doesn't like a lot of people holding her) She really enjoyed looking at the Sponge Bob balloon (I don't like sponge bob so hopefully she won't get too attached).
Kynlie is such a happy baby in the mornings...I posted a picture of her from Saturday morning. I love that big smile!
She goes to Heathers during the week and she love it. Mrs. Heather is awesome with her and Kynlie's "boy-friends" Beau Rudd & Ryder Newman are there too and now she has a new BFF Grace. I'll have to get Heather to take some pictures of all them to post.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

2 month check up

We had Kynlie's 2 month check up yesterday. Everything went great. She was a very good girl while the doctor and nurse checked her out (usually she cries when you mess with her and take her clothes off and lay her down on her back) and weighted her. She now weighs 11lbs 5oz and 22 1/2 inches long. They said she's right at average...not above or below. She's just perfect (of course I already knew that) She had to get her 3 shots and that was not fun for her or me. Daddy held down her legs and I was up at her face kissing and loving on her (I couldn't watch...I don't do needles) they gave her the first shot and she screamed and continued screaming through the others. She finally fell asleep after I held her for a little bit and put her in her car seat. The rest of the night went well and she was not fussy at all and she slept through the whole night!!
The pictures are after her appointment...she looks so sad from her shots. Poor baby!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

8 Weeks/Halloween

Here is Kynlie at 8 weeks old on Halloween and the weekend of Halloween. She's grown up so fast. It's hard to believe she's 8 weeks just about to be 2 months on Wednesday. We have her check up and she will be getting her shots. I'm not sure how I'm going to do...I'm not a fan of watching anyone or myself get shots or have blood taken, so if Brad is unable to go I'm sure my mom will be going with us. I'm not looking forward to it and the poor baby has no idea what's coming. However I am looking forward to seeing how much she weighs now and how long she is. At 2 weeks she was already 8lbs and 12oz but she hadn't grown but just barely a half inch. She may be short like her momma! She's really starting to show expression on her face. She smiles and every now and then she'll make a load noise as if she wants to laugh.

3 Weeks

Now lets skip to 3 weeks old. We took a trip up to Dallas to go see everyone at momma's work and then over to Babies R Us and had pictures made. She did great for the most part. I had to take a few breaks and hold her and feed her but other than that she did great! These are some of the best pictures.