Friday, December 19, 2008

Crazy Weather

This weather in Texas is crazy. You never know what it's going to do. BUT I wouldn't live anywhere else!! Tuesday the ice came in and we got to miss work!! We did attempt to go in but we got to Palmer and my car was sliding all over the road, so we made the decision to turn around and go home. It was so nice to be home that day. Bradley also got to stay home so we spent the whole day with Kynlie. Made me miss being at home with her. She's amazing and I still can't get enough of that beautiful girl. I'll put some pictures up soon as I can get them on the computer.
This weekend we're going to help Memaw finish putting up Christmas decorations (yes, she's a little behind) Daddy will be working the whole weekend so I'm sure Memaw and Pappy are going to get lots of Kynlie (& me) time. We love going to spend time with them, Memaw spoils both of us and we love it!
I still have a few more Christmas gifts to buy but for the most part I'm done and it feels great!! I told my self I was not going to buy Kynlie lots of Christmas gifts because she does not know what's going on, well you know that didn't happen. I bought and bought for her and I'm still buying.
Well hope the weekend is good for everyone. Stay warm...I hear the cold front is coming back through this weekend.

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