Monday, April 29, 2013

A Lot of Phone Pictures

I'm behind on blogging. I still have a post I need to do on mine and Kynlie's special day.

I'm laying in bed and I can't sleep, because the cough medicine I'm on keeps me awake, but it does it's job. So I figured I would do a post.

Here are A LOT of phone pictures. I honestly don't know how far back it goes.

Kynlie loves wearing this dress. She calls it her cheeto dress!

We celebrated my beautiful nieces 18th birthday. I can't believe she grew up so fast!

My girl! She's a wild mess!

Kynlie is so artistic and loves to draw, paint, & color. She's very good at it. I'm so proud of her.

Sleeping beauty! Love those eyelashes.

I tell ya, she's a wild child. She keeps me busy!

Don't worry, I didn't forget about this sweet boy! He's just as wild as his sis.

When he sees me hold my phone up to take a picture of us, he yells out "cheeeeese" and flashes me a smile.

Having lunch with memaw. Not sure what the face is for?! He had a great time sitting like a big boy with his memaw.

I don't get to dress my kids a like often because it's harder with girl and boy. So I take advantage when I can do it. I thought they were too cute in their matching ranger shirts.

I don't always get to just hold kooper and relax (he's still nursing...whole other post) so I take the opportunity when it comes and hold him as long as he will let me.

The kids, especially Kooper love riding with pawpaw on the tractor. They will go around the pasture and tank over and over. Kooper say "I go vroom vroom" and points at the tractor.

Before MDO one morning!

He was not in the mood for a morning picture. I didn't notice until I posted this picture on FB that he's using his sisters cup and everyone said he's mad because of that. And, is it me or does he look extra tall here?

One morning going down the road I noticed the Bluebonnets were really starting to bloom so I snapped a picture. I'm very lucky and get to enjoy them all the time in the spring because of where we live. But on the down side we have to deal with all the bluebonnet trail drivers who don't know how to park or drive lol.

My princess coloring and having a sweet day!

No make up, ball cap, comfy clothes kind of day this day. Texas weather can not make up its mind and on this day it was cold.

Kynlie has really been into dressing her self lately. On this day she said she needed to wear all pink. That's my girl!!

These were the only bluebonnet pictures of the kids I got this year. I decided I would dress them in their Rangers instead of dressy clothes. Too cute!

Bradley and I went on a date...finally! We went to olive garden and really enjoyed our selfs. My parents were sweet to keep the kids for us so we could have time alone. I think that's very important in a marriage.

Then we went to target and Bradley was a little board. But he was a sweet husband and never complained....he just did this lol!

My sweet boys! I love Kooper in his cap and my handsome man in his cowboy hat.

My cowboys! Oh my gosh I can't get enough of this sweet boy in his hat!!

I chopped off my hair....again. I think I like it shorter. I'll probably keep it short. It's fun and easier.

She makes me happy! I love our one on one time. She's so good!

"hum, what should I dream about tonight?"

Need your yard mowed? I know someone

This 20 month old boy is growing up too fast!

Kynlie started t-ball. I'm so excited!! She is really good! You can play t-ball without a pink hamlet, pink bat, pink glove, & pink (&black) shoes. It's so fun being a girl.

For a few nights Kooper would fall asleep like this on his daddy. I usually have to put him to sleep.

Kynlie made a train out of chairs and played like this for ever. She was using her doc mcstuffins box as a steering wheel lol. She must be a wild driver, her passenger in on the floor :))

Miss Sassy

They are a wild pair.

Our town had its annual bluebonnet festival and Kynlie had to get that pretty face painted.

My brothers birthday was last week so we all went out for supper at a Mexican restaurant where you can sit outside. It was so nice. The kids wanted to stay at Bradley's parents so it was like another date night.

I'm on a red lips kick lately. Love changing up my lip color to match my clothes.

Last week was my Grandad's birthday. My daddy took off work to go visit him, so the kids and I tagged along. I haven't seen him in a while. Although I don't think he recognizes me anymore, I still wanted to see him. I wish he was closer so I could go visit him more.

We met my uncle Ricky at my Grandad's assisted living place and we all went out to eat at cotton yummy!
*****side note for my memory. Kooper was SO good while we ate. He's never been a good baby in public. He sat by his pappy, in his high chair, and ate and laughed the whole time. I prayed that morning for him to be on his best behavior... My God is good!! I thank Him!!

One night I was lucky enough to have both my babies fall asleep on me. I held them as long as I could.

My brown eyed beauty.

This little guy just couldn't hang any longer and passed out on the floor.

Cute dirty boy in the bath. See the farmers tan he already has?

I let Kooper practice his coloring skills the other day and he really enjoyed it. He didn't put the crayons in his mouth as much as I thought he would. The nose, well that's another story.

Sis had to help him out.

We played outside for a while before Koopers nap. Country living at its finest...t-shirt, diaper, crocks, and white legs.

During nap time, Kynlie and Minnie mouse put on a dance show for me

Yesterday was Bailee's senior prom. She was stunning!! She stood out with her beautiful dress. All the girls looked so beautiful. Most dresses were ivory, browns, blacks, and Bailee had this blueish, turquoise dress with a slit up the side.

My ranger girl! Wearing a tutu and a ball cap! Love this girl!!

Today we cooked out Shish kabobs and played t-ball all afternoon. It was a wonderful day!

Colorful food.

These were amazing!!

That's it! My blessed life!!

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