Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easter 2013

I'm having to post from my phone. My computer is acting up. I can get on certain web sites and it's fine, but every time I try to send an email or blog it's super slow and hardly ever uploads a picture. Although, I was able to upload my pictures to Facebook with no problem. So that's how I got my camera pictures on my phone to post on my blog. Phew...with all that said, here's Easter.

We had a good Easter this yr. we did our usual. Church, uncle Bobby's & aunt Irene's, had lunch, egg hunt, played outside, then went to my parents. The weather was beautiful, food was great, & company was even better.

Before Church (I bought her dress about a month before Easter and it fit perfect. Easter day, not so much. She grew in a month...a lot. But she wore it anyways)

With his one and only Pawpaw

Handsome boy

Checking out the tank. There were chemicals in it so it was extra bright. She kept saying it was pretty.

The best n laws ever.

Playing in the sandbox, in church clothes. Oh well, we have a washing machine :)

He loves his Pawpaw

Babies got to hunt eggs before the big kids. This was Kooper's second Easter and he actually did pretty good. He would pick eggs up and place them in his basket, then dump them out...then he was done :)

Trying to take a picture with her was not easy. She just wanted to play. Don't blame her

My handsome guys

Kynlie and Bradley's grandma. This was the first yr she actually warmed up to her and let me take their picture.


Then it was time for the big kids hunt.

Attempt at a family picture.

The Kubin's
I married into a wonderful family.

Kooper loved sitting on this "vroom vroom" he calls it.

Then we went to my parents so the kids could get their Easter baskets and we could visit.

Love my sister n law and niece so much!!!

My handsome man

Next up, Easter post with cell pictures.

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Flipflops, Fruitsnacks, and Fripperies said...

Adorable pictures, your babies are getting so big! I've had the same issues with uploading picture. Try not using Internet Explorer, download Google Chrome and use that as your internet source. Let me know how that works.