Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Change

So I did it, I cut my hair off. It needed it so bad and by looking at the pictures, I can't believe I didn't do it sooner.

I've always had long hair. Only twice that I can remember I have chopped it off.

I think I'm going to like it. It should be easier to fix. I think it's going to be fun to try new styles as well.

I'm very pleased!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Last Friday I had off and Kynlie and I went up to my old job in Dallas to visit some of my dear friends. Who I miss so much!! We had a great lunch and good old times.

When we got home, Kynlie wanted to play outside so I took that chance to snap a few good pictures of her in the leafs. I think they turned out just adorable.

I'm have such an amazing time with Kynlie lately. She has been in the sweetest moods. Very "lovey dovey" to her momma. I can not get enough! She's been coming up to me randomly and giving me leg hugs and kisses on my arm and/or both cheeks.

Last Sunday Brad and I went to a Prison with our church to sing in our Living Christmas Tree and to worship to a lot of inmates. I was going to be gone all day, from 8am to 11pm and I was so sad I was not going to be with her. While I was getting ready she walked up to me and said "I love jew mom" and put her arms up to hug me. I got teary eyed.

She seems to be getting so big lately. She's talking up a storm and make sense HA! She remembers a lot more then I expect her to. I have to watch what I promise her, when I need her to do something HA!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

This video is a few months old, but I'm just now being able to upload it. I've been have computer issues. Anyways. I love this video. It's a mixture of rap and country. If Kynlie ever decides to be a singer, I hope she goes the country rout, not the rap HA! Enjoy!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Funniest Momment of My Day

I'm sharing this because I do not want to ever for get this day, but I'm sure I will not and I thought I would give my readers a little laugh.

All though I've been home most of the day with sick baby, there is never a dual moment with her.

At Walmart

*Momma - "Kyn, who is this" (pointing at Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head)

*Kyn - "mommy & daddy"

* Momma - Laughing so hard I want to cry

I pick up Mr. Potato Head

*Momma - "Kyn, who is this"

*Kyn - "Daddy"

*Momma - Laughing some more

I pick up Mrs. Potato Head

*Momma - "Kyn who's this"

*Kyn - "Mommy"

I guess it's time for a diet LOL!!!

Kids to tell the truth!!!

We have watched Toy Story 3 a Zillion times in 1 week, 4 times today!

Never Enough Turkey

A little late, but here is my Thanksgiving post.

[Is that not just the cutest Turkey dress ever?]

I'm still trying to blog more, but we've had a sick baby this week. I've woke up twice this week to get Kynlie out of bed and ready for the day and she had thrown up every in her bed sometime during the night. Saying I feel like a bad mom for letting her sleep all night in he throw up is a understatement, but I had no idea. The first night, she was crying but she's been doing that for almost 2 weeks so I let her cry it out. I had no idea she was sick :( The second time she never cried.


We did thanksgiving lunch at Brad's parents Thanksgiving day and had some great food. His mom made homemade sweet potato's...YUM! and we had turkey legs.
**Funny story
Kynlie was sitting next to her pawpaw at the dinner table and he went to take a bite of her BIG turkey leg and it squirted the most turkey juice in the world all over Kynlie's face (let me tell, if was NOT funny to me at the everyone else, it was hysterical) After the initial shock of turkey juice going all over my sweet babies face and make sure she was ok and it was not burning her (wasn't hot at all, thank GOD) It was pretty funny HA! Sorry baby, but if we had a video camera going at the time we might be $10,000's richer HA

We hung around there for a few hours. Visited and did a little Internet searching for Black Friday idem and then took off in the cold rainy weather to my parents...

We went to my parents for dinner. A Whole 3 miles down the road from Brad's parents. Small town living!!

Kynlie had a blast over there playing with Cricket, my mom's Shezu and chasing Eli, my mom's cat. We had another great meal. Turkey, HAM (my FAV), & our traditional casseroles, hominy casserole, green bean casserole, broccoli, rice and cheese, stuffing, mash potato's and gravy. (sounds good as I'm typing it out HA)

[In this picture, we couldn't hear Kynlie so we looked in the dinning room and she was sitting at the table by her self and said 'I ready to eat' We thought it was too cute]

[me and my SNL Andie]

[me and my niece Bailee]

We Watched the Cowboys play. Too bad they lost, but it was a good game and they put up a good fight. Then we watch out Aggies play Texas....WE WON!!!!! Woop!!!!!!!!!! Gig'em!!!!!

It was an exciting night....Kyn fell a sleep on the way home and slept most of the night.

[our little family] [no I'm not pregnant, it may look that way but I'm not HA]

Brad and his mom got up and did the Black Friday shopping. My sister n law Andie, Kynlie and I waited till late morning to head out. We ended up with some great buys.

It was a Great Thanksgiving Holiday! Bring on Christmas baby!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I am on a blogging challenge.....with my self. I have slacked in blogging since April. I started this blog when Kynlie was 8 weeks old so I could document her life and then it grow into a blog where I just wanted to document everything along with her life.

So with that said, I'm going to do my best to blog as much as I can this week. Whether it be something that's been going on late lately or my thought of the day. I hopes it will become a habit for me. Also so I can get back to printing out her books. (I have 3 so far, one of 2008 & 2 for 2009)

Tonight's blog is about my Silly girl. Kynlie has got to be the funniest child I know. Just ask anyone in our family and they will defiantly agree with me. I would like to say I have a pretty fun, outgoing personality, but I think when it comes down to it, she gets it from her daddy. He's a pretty funny guy. He makes me laugh daily

It was her daddy's idea to buy these silly looking glasses. When I saw them in the shopping cart, I just laughed out loud. He said "What?" and just laughed. Who knew they'd be a hit with this girl...her daddy did

**Side Note**
(for my memory)
Right now as I type this post, I'm listening to my sweet, silly girl cry out "mommy" over and over. Bless her heart, she's been going through a stage where after about 5 to 15 minutes of being laid down in her bed, she starts crying. Then like clock work, about 4:30am she'll cry again and end up in bed with us. It's been going on for about a week now. I'm trying so hard not to get up and go get her. I know she's fine, all she wants is to be held. I just can not make this a habit every night.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


What an artistic child I have.

I'm not sure how and why she had a pen. I couldn't even get mad...she was too cute when she came running in the living room. I should have known something wasn't right when I didn't hear a word from her for a while. HA!! Oh how I LOVE LOVE her!!!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Garage Sale Finds

Saturday morning Kynlie and I got up early and went to town to get some "no nuts" and I knew that a friend of mine sister was having a garage sale, so I stopped by. Who knew it would lead to buying a paper, picking up my SNL and going to all most every garage sale in town. Glad I did!!
I found these cute tea light candle holders for Kynlie's bathroom. I recently redid her bathroom and have been in need for new decor, that didn't break the bank. What better way than garage sale shopping.
Love this plant holder! I've already got Bradley to hang it for me on our front porch. Just nothing in it yet. I'm going to see if I can find something Christmas to put in there
This adorable plant holder came from the same place. This style is right up my alley. I've placed this on my front porch, still in need for something to go in it. I'm sure for Christmas I'll put a fake poinsettia. I already have in mind for next fall to put pumpkins in it!
I'm so happy I found this cute little rack. I have so many ideas running through my head. I'm thinking of leaving it yellow, just touching it up a little and putting in Kynlie's play room to hang either her scarfs and jackets or hanging some of her dress up clothes. Or painting to match her room and hanging her scarfs and jackets on it. I wish her bathroom was a little bigger, because this would be so cute in there to hang her bath robe and a towel.
I found this bright yellow frame for a quarter! I'm putting this in her bathroom with a black and white picture in her. (speaking of her bathroom, I hope to have a post of the finished project soon)
I couldn't pass this cute purple purse up for my sweet girl. She hasn't put it down since we've bought it. She carries her "chu dollar" in it. ($2)
LOVE this pumpkin. Just wish I would have found it a month ago, so I could enjoy it longer. I know when I pull my fall decor out next year, I'll be so happy when I see. I think I'll use it as a cookie jar.
This cute vase/jar gold stand holder was purchased at an estate sale. I added the gold Christmas balls. This is my favorite decoration right now. I'm thinking of leaving it like this all year round. It matches my living room perfect.
This serving tray was also purchased at the estate sale. I wish I knew how old this was. The lady that lived there passed away in her 90's and she was the daughter of the couple that owned the house. The home was big, OLD, and gorgeous!

This was my sweet shopping buddy!! She was a trooper the whole time, couldn't have asked for a better morning!!!

I hope to post with updates when I get everything decorated and put away.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Ladies Dinner

Last Saturday my mother and father n laws church had their annual Ladies Dinner. I have gone every year since Bradley and I met. I enjoy myself so much. There is always a great message, music, laughs, and the company I get to surround myself with is wonderful.

It's a night for the ladies to sit, relax, & enjoy their self's, while the men service dinner. We ALWAYS have a wonderful meal. Turkey, ham, dressing, veggies, & dessert!!

This year, my mother n law gave me the privilege to be in charge of decorating our table. Each table seat anywhere from maybe 5 to 8, maybe more people. Each table is asked to decorate their table how ever they please. I went with a fall theme. I think it turned out just beautiful!

(one of the gifts the guest at our table got to take home)
Our guest included, my mother n law, grandma n law, 2 aunts n laws, my sister n law, & one great aunt n law....oh and Kynlie! (although she did more running and playing than sitting and eating)

They always have a silent and live auction. This year I came home with the beautiful red, black and zebra rock/stone necklace (no picture). My father n law put Kynlie up on stage for the live auction. HA!! Thankfully no one had enough money to buy her HA! (there is not enough money in the world to buy her)

We had great music. A friend of mine father did a few song, that just were amazing. Then we had a secret guest........who turned out to be my father n law HA!!! Him, the pastor, & another gentleman sang Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash. It was pretty entertaining HA!

(someone had a great time too)
The night was great! I can not wait to do it again next year!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kynlie's First Dentist Trip

Kynlie had her first dentist apt on Friday. I decided that since she has a mouth full of teeth and she sometimes gives me a problem with letting help her brush her teeth, it was time to see a dentist and make sure every thing looks good.

Well they do!!! I took her to this place called Just for Kids. I loved it. Perfect setting for kids. The nurses and doctor were supper nice and so patient with her.

I was so nervous! I know my girl and she can throw the all time greats fits a 2 year old can throw. She was actually very very good. She warmed up the nurse so good.

We went to the back and there were so many neat toys, balloons, TV's, video games, & colorful walls. They let her pick out her very own special tooth brush. There were so many characters to choose from and she chose my favorite, The Little Mermaid. We went into our own room and there was a TV hanging down from the ceiling with Sponge Bob playing "Bob Bob" (NOT AT ALL MY FAVORITE CHOICE...DO NOT LIKE SPONGE BOB)anyways... she sat up in the big chair with her new tooth brush ready to brush those teeth, then they leaned the chair back and she wanted nothing to do with. So I held her and laid her back and she let the nurse brush her pearly whites. She fussed, but nothing like I thought she would do. She was SO brave.

Then the doctor came in and examined her teeth and told us that she looked great!!! I was so happy to get a good report.

I didn't get any pictures of us in side. I wish I would have, but we were so busying filling out paper work and I think I was more nervous for her, I didn't think to grab my camera until we were walking out.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's Going On In Your World?

WOW...I haven't posted an update since Kynlie's birthday party. I did post about my Grandmother passing, no update on our family. Speaking of my Grandmother, she's living an eternal life with Jesus. I miss her a lot. I did not see her all the time because she did live about an 1 and 1/2 away, but I thought about her all the time. If something can come good out of a funeral, beside celebration of life, is seeing family that you haven't seen in months or even years. And if I know my grandmother, and I think I do, this is all she has ever wanted is for everyone to be together at one time. Well she got it, she got her 4 boys together and all their kids together. I know she was smiling that day.

(Me and my Granddad)

(Me and my Daddy)
(Me and my cousin Leslie)

(Me & my Momma)

(My daddy and his brothers)

Anyways, on a HAPPY note. Our family of 3 is doing good. Very busy, but we are good. I work a lot of hours since I've been at my new job. Sometimes a little too many hours for a mommy and wife. I enjoy what I do though, working in the medical field. I hope to be able to go back to college and work in labor and delivery or NICU. It's ok to dream, right?

Speaking of working, Brad works a lot too. He travels a lot. Luckily he works for his dad so there is a little flex ability. One week, he will either be gone by 4:30 am and not return until the next day or in the middle of the night and then the next, he's home every day and night. I'm blessed we both have jobs to put food on the table. I just pray one day, we both will have hours where we can always be home for our kids and dinner.

Now for the MOST important person in our life....KYNLIE. She is just as sweet, silly, funny, fussy, loving, & playful as ever. I CAN NOT get enough of her. Sadly she has been really sick lately. First she had a red throat and congestion, she was put on antibiotics, the next week she came down with a really bad case of bronchitis, had to take breathing treatments and antibiotics. Two weeks after that, she tested positive for the Flu. And now she's on another antibiotics for a sinus infection. I don't know how much more I can take of her being sick. Her poor little body has had so much medicine put in side it. I pray this is the last of it for a long time.

(her very cute dress made by SheShe Bows) (No smiles out of this girl)

(there we go)

On another note, we are enjoying our Thursdays. We have Mommy & Me dance class at our local dance studio. It's say the least. I have a head strong girl on my hands. She loves to dance so I thought this will be a breeze..........boy I was wrong. Now don't get me wrong, I'm loving Mommy & Me. She just likes to do what she wants, not what she's told. She is learning more and I'm so proud of that. She's learning structure and that's so important to me. I'm looking so forward to our dance recital in the winter. I know she'll do great, if anything, I'm sure she'll be very intertaning.

She loves going to Church and seeing her friends. Every Sunday I'm told that she is so sweet and good. I'm so thankful!!!! I have joined the Church Choir and love it! I can not sing, never have been able to. I can carry a tune, but I'm far from Carrie Underwood. I felt God called me to be a part of the Church. More than just a member, and on the nursery committee. I'm most looking forward to the Christmas time. Our Church as done a "Living Christmas" program for as long as I can remember. I was involved in it in my youth year, but haven't since. I love worship music and Christmas. Put them two together and you have greatness!!!

Kynlie was a Bumble Bee for Halloween. The cutest Bumble Bee I've ever seen. We went to Church Sunday afternoon for the Fall Carnival. We had a really good time. There was this amazing maze the youth group put together in the youth loft. Kynlie had fun playing all the games and running around. We came home and went down our street to trick or treat. Kynlie was the sweetest sweetest girl. I am not lieing, she said trick or treat and thank you to every single person that we got candy from. She even wold say "cuse me" as we went down the side walk and past everyone. I love her sweet little manners.

(I love this one, it looks like shes about to sting someone HA)

Well I'm going to go and finish watching Private Practice and "rocket" my girl to sleep. I will do my best to keep posting. I miss it. I feel I'm letting my self down for not keeping it up and for Kynlie when she's older to look back on.