Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Funniest Momment of My Day

I'm sharing this because I do not want to ever for get this day, but I'm sure I will not and I thought I would give my readers a little laugh.

All though I've been home most of the day with sick baby, there is never a dual moment with her.

At Walmart

*Momma - "Kyn, who is this" (pointing at Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head)

*Kyn - "mommy & daddy"

* Momma - Laughing so hard I want to cry

I pick up Mr. Potato Head

*Momma - "Kyn, who is this"

*Kyn - "Daddy"

*Momma - Laughing some more

I pick up Mrs. Potato Head

*Momma - "Kyn who's this"

*Kyn - "Mommy"

I guess it's time for a diet LOL!!!

Kids to tell the truth!!!

We have watched Toy Story 3 a Zillion times in 1 week, 4 times today!

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