Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Last Friday I had off and Kynlie and I went up to my old job in Dallas to visit some of my dear friends. Who I miss so much!! We had a great lunch and good old times.

When we got home, Kynlie wanted to play outside so I took that chance to snap a few good pictures of her in the leafs. I think they turned out just adorable.

I'm have such an amazing time with Kynlie lately. She has been in the sweetest moods. Very "lovey dovey" to her momma. I can not get enough! She's been coming up to me randomly and giving me leg hugs and kisses on my arm and/or both cheeks.

Last Sunday Brad and I went to a Prison with our church to sing in our Living Christmas Tree and to worship to a lot of inmates. I was going to be gone all day, from 8am to 11pm and I was so sad I was not going to be with her. While I was getting ready she walked up to me and said "I love jew mom" and put her arms up to hug me. I got teary eyed.

She seems to be getting so big lately. She's talking up a storm and make sense HA! She remembers a lot more then I expect her to. I have to watch what I promise her, when I need her to do something HA!

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