Monday, September 2, 2013

Double Turtle Party

Saturday we had the kids birthday party. We decided since their birthdays are so close together we would have a double party this year. All the same friends would be invited so why not make it easy on everyone...momma being number 1, and have one party.

Both kids have been into Ninja Turtles so much lately. So I thought a turtle party theme would be fun. I even made it part girly for Kynlie. I have more and better pictures off my camera I hope to upload soon. These are from my phone and from a sweet friend who took some and text them to me.
Bradley's aunt makes AMAZING cakes. She's so talented its crazy!! Oh and they taste SO great! I told her I wanted two turtle cakes, just the head and to make one pink and girly. They were perfect!

My sweet and also very talented friend Britani made the kids shirts! Are they not just perfect?? Look how they match the cakes perfect too!

My parents were so kind to rent this bounce house water slide for the weekend. The kids, mostly Kynlie loved it!! I enjoyed a few trips down the slide myself.

The main inside table was decorated with pink and green. I had "sewer lids" (Oreo cookies), "turtle grub" (gummy worms), & "slime" (green punch). I used the kids stuffed turtles as decoration as well. I thought it all looked great! We also had pizza for lunch...because what turtle party is not complete without pizza!

We had a great turn out for the party. All of our sweet friends and family came and celebrated with us. Although it was 100 degrees out, it was a great time. We are so blessed to have the people we have in our life's.

We sang happy birthday to them at the same time and Kooper did not like it lol, not sure why he hates the birthday song?!
Kynlie standing so sweetly waiting to blow out her candles.

I love this picture that my friend Shannon captured of Kooper and I!

We had so much fun! I love making these memories with my kids!

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