Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Family Pictures

So I'm up with Kooper. He's been up since 3am. We are currently on our second round of "crying it out". He's been so good at sleeping for me, but not tonight. I guess he's nervous about his upcoming 2yr well child check today HA! I figured since I'm up I'd blog...

We had some family pictures made about 2 weeks ago. I am more than thrilled about how they turned out!! We could not have asked for a better evening in August in Texas! Enjoy!

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekend recap

We had a low key weekend. I didn't even take many pictures.

Friday, Bradley got off a little later than normal so we didn't plan anything. Once he got home we played outside and his parents walked over for supper.

I finished some painting projects. I'm making frame...or I should say repainting them. I did these two for a friend.

This one is a chalk board frame.

After my n-laws left, I put the kids in the bath and snuck off for a late night Walmart trip...alone!
Bradley had to work all day Saturday. So the kids and I stayed home and I cleaned Kynlies room and closet and did all the laundry.
I did find time for some snuggles with my girl

After Bradley got home Kynlie and I went to our annual church swim party. We had a lot of fun! Kynlie swam her heart out! I had a great time visiting with friends.
We got up this morning and went to church. We have a new pastor and I can not say enough good things about him! I see wonderful things happening for our churches future! I've prayed so hard for this. When our pastor retired nearly 2 yrs ago our church just kinda went down hill, but it's on it's way back up!

Today at lunch Bradley bought these funny teeth and Kynlie loves them...they are a pair!

Then to end our weekend and day, Bradley and I had a last minute date night!
So happy to have alone time with my honey!

We went to the movies and saw We Are The Millers. It was so funny!! I love Jennifer Anniston. There was a lot of language but still very good.

Now I'm off to hopefully a full nights sleep.

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Koopers birthday celebration

We didn't do much for Koopers birthday, because we are having a double party for him and Kynlie at the end of the month...but we did not let this day go unnoticed!

He woke up at 5am this morning. Not quite the wake up call I was wanting. Thankfully, he went right back to sleep after a little snuggle and rocking with momma. He then woke up at 10!
Having some morning snuggle time with momma! I got in a lot of extra birthday kisses!!

After he ate breakfast I steped outside and noticed it was nice, we all threw on our boots and went out to play...even in our pj's!

It ended up getting pretty hot out because we lack shade. So we went in and played. He found sissy's markers and went to town in a coloring book. He was so proud of his self. He kept saying "I did it".
He's been telling me a lot "I poopoo" I alway check and there's nothing there but apparently he feels the need to go. So I went to change his diaper and decided I'd try and sit him on the potty chair. He did not like it....without a diaper on. Once I put a diaper on he sat on it over and over. He even carried it to the living room and used it as a chair HA!

I did a lot a reminiscing today, as I always do around birthdays. I love looking back at old post and pictures.
Look at my sweet 8lb 6oz boy. Maybe a few hours old. I cry looking at this picture. It seems like yesterday!

I put this together to see how he's changed

We met up with my parents, my sister n law, niece, Bradley's mom, & sister and niece, and my friend heather and her two kids at Mc Donald's for a fun little birthday supper and play time. He was a little grumpy and I'm not sure why, but he snapped out of it fast. I bought him a cookie cake so we would have something sweet to eat and something to put a candle on and sing. He did not like being sung too!! So funny! (I'm having trouble loading the video) His aunt Robyn, Bradley's sister bought him a toy riffle. Big hit!!!

Kooper and Grant ready to dig in.

I love this sweet girls so much!! Kynlie, Grace, & Karlye Jo

Bradley's parents bought Kooper a tractor for his birthday. It's almost identical to his pawpaws. When we got home Bradley put it together while we played outside. I can't wait till its finished charging tomorrow so he can ride it!

Today was a great day!! My sweet boy had a special day for a special boy!! We love him so much!!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Kooper

(Warning, very long post)

Once again, time is passing us by so fast. Our Kooper Mathew is 2 today. I thought him turning 1 was hard, but for some reason 2 is hitting me hard. Maybe because he's our last baby.

I have so much to catch up on about Kooper. I'll do my best not to leave anything out. (For my memory, I'm going to try and post all the pictures in order up until today)

He's such a sweet boy!! Here, I had just got done taken his "sissy's" picture and he backed up against the wall and said "I cheese".

He's defiantly my cool dude.

He really is great at t-ball! I cannot wait till he is old enough to play.

I mean really?? Is that not a cute plumbers booty??

One of my favorite pictures of him!

He is still a pawpaws boy!! Seriously, obsessed!! I honestly love it!!!! He's my life saver a lot! They have a bound that cannot be broke. I thank God for my father n law often!!

At my n laws, they have a dock Kooper loves to go on and "feed fish" and "go bloop" (throw rocks in the tank)

He is a funny little fella! He's always keeping us laughing. Example, next 6 pictures!
I walked in the living room and found him sitting in Kynlies doll stroller watching tv (see the doll tossed out HA)

He wore my slip around the house as a cape.

At lunch one day he kept saying "I want ha I want ha" so I got him his "ha" and he sat quietly and ate

Oh just hanging out in his swimmer, crocks, and big belly sticking out

He's always putting on sissy's play shoes. I laugh so hard every time. Brad doesn't find it too funny.

On this day he tried his darnedest to eat his fish stick with a oven mit and spatula.

He has a sweet smile that will melt your heart! This picture was polka fest night.

Almost every time Bradley mows he will sit with him on the mower. I think it's the sweetest thing. I don't think daddy minds a bit.

Going "bloop"

Ok, I'll post more pictures, but wanted to jot down some updates and things I don't want to forget.
He talks so much and is repeating a lot.
Kooper language:
"I got feet" he always tells us he has feet and will put them in our face HA pretty darn funny.
"I get hot" that means he wants chicken nuggets
"Momma" he will say my name over and over until I answer him the same way every time. "Yes Kooper" not what, yes, huh, yeah, but "yes Kooper"
"I go nigh nigh" and he'll squint his eyes real tight.
"Turtle" he LOVES the teenage mutant ninja turtles. A little too much, because he's starting to act like one.
"I go side" he would live outside if I'd let him. He's all boy!
"Sissy" he will say her name all day. She's the first person he asks for every morning, after every nap, and when I pick him up from MDO.
"Where you goin" "what you doin" just in the past weeks he's been asking us where we are going or doing. So funny and cute.
"That dada?" every white truck he sees he thinks is his dada.
Of course he says, dada, momma, nana, pawpaw. He refuses to say memaw. I know he can, but he will call my mom nana over and over. My dad is pappy and he calls him "pa pa"

He loves going for a ride on the "vroom vroom" with pawpaw

He love a wagon ride over to pawpaw and nanas

Making a fashion statement.

Him and daddy matched for church one Sunday. They are my two handsome cowboys!

This was Father's Day

I seriously could watch him sleep forever. He's adorable!! He's such a cuddlier too. Mostly with me and pawpaw, but daddy gets lucky some times.

Speaking of sleeping. He has finally started to sleep through the night!! In the last 2 to 3 months he's maybe woke up 4 times. It's been wonderful!!
ALSO in other BIG news...he is fully weaned from breast feeding!! He only nursed for 23&1/2 months! Honestly, not my choice. He was attached...BAD!

Some other things I want to remember that are not happy moments are...
He went through his first tornado. In April of 2013 a tornado hit our town and was headed some what out our way. But thankfully it never made it this far before it stopped. We did feel the shaking and winds. We got Kooper out of his crib and I held him in the closet as Bradley held kynlie. He never woke up! This was him in his pawpaws arms a few hrs before it hit.

On Mother's Day 2013 we had to take him to the ER because he was very sick!! They ran tests, X-rays, did breathing treatments, and gave shots. He had a bad case of croup. But we were home hours later resting.

Like I mentioned earlier, he loves ninja turtles. He carries his stuffed turtle every where.

Just some last few randomness.
He loves feeding the "moo's". all horses are moo's. He will talk to the kitty the whole time.

He's a mess...literally! This is what happens when I try to squeeze in a fast shower.

His teacher at MDO sent this to me. He asked to get in the swing because all the babies were in there.

He's a cutie in the bath!!

Bradley has been putting him to bed a lot lately since he's weaned. The other night I was wondering what was taking so long so I went to check on them and this is what I found.

He puts on his hat and climbs on his "moo" and says "ya ha ya ha"

He's a photo bomber

I could snuggle him everyday

We had a fun photo shoot day before yesterday.

Wednesday before we left for his last day of summer MDO. His last day in the nursery. Day before he turns two!

I think I've cover it all. It's been a blessed two years with this sweet boy!! I love every single thing about him!! I pray for his future and that he grows up to be a Godly man and loves life!

Happy 2nd birthday Kooper Mathew. You truly are a blessing! We love you more than anything!

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