Friday, August 16, 2013

Koopers birthday celebration

We didn't do much for Koopers birthday, because we are having a double party for him and Kynlie at the end of the month...but we did not let this day go unnoticed!

He woke up at 5am this morning. Not quite the wake up call I was wanting. Thankfully, he went right back to sleep after a little snuggle and rocking with momma. He then woke up at 10!
Having some morning snuggle time with momma! I got in a lot of extra birthday kisses!!

After he ate breakfast I steped outside and noticed it was nice, we all threw on our boots and went out to play...even in our pj's!

It ended up getting pretty hot out because we lack shade. So we went in and played. He found sissy's markers and went to town in a coloring book. He was so proud of his self. He kept saying "I did it".
He's been telling me a lot "I poopoo" I alway check and there's nothing there but apparently he feels the need to go. So I went to change his diaper and decided I'd try and sit him on the potty chair. He did not like it....without a diaper on. Once I put a diaper on he sat on it over and over. He even carried it to the living room and used it as a chair HA!

I did a lot a reminiscing today, as I always do around birthdays. I love looking back at old post and pictures.
Look at my sweet 8lb 6oz boy. Maybe a few hours old. I cry looking at this picture. It seems like yesterday!

I put this together to see how he's changed

We met up with my parents, my sister n law, niece, Bradley's mom, & sister and niece, and my friend heather and her two kids at Mc Donald's for a fun little birthday supper and play time. He was a little grumpy and I'm not sure why, but he snapped out of it fast. I bought him a cookie cake so we would have something sweet to eat and something to put a candle on and sing. He did not like being sung too!! So funny! (I'm having trouble loading the video) His aunt Robyn, Bradley's sister bought him a toy riffle. Big hit!!!

Kooper and Grant ready to dig in.

I love this sweet girls so much!! Kynlie, Grace, & Karlye Jo

Bradley's parents bought Kooper a tractor for his birthday. It's almost identical to his pawpaws. When we got home Bradley put it together while we played outside. I can't wait till its finished charging tomorrow so he can ride it!

Today was a great day!! My sweet boy had a special day for a special boy!! We love him so much!!

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