Thursday, August 8, 2013

Visiting my UK family

Here I go again, getting behind on blogging. Better late than never, right?

Back in June two of my cousins who live over sea in the United Kingdom by London came over to visit their dad and the rest of the family. I love when they come over. They're so much fun!!
Joshua, me, & Roxanne.

On our way to my uncles house we stopped by the cemetery in Greenville to visit my grandmothers grave (my daddys mom) I felt so guilty that I had not been by there since she passed in 2010. I felt even more sad when I saw that there were no flowers on her grave. I miss her. I miss getting a birthday card and call from her every single year and I miss being able to call her and hear her soft spoken voice and getting advice if I needed it. I didn't call her enough before she passed. I feel blessed that I have one of the most important things to her besides her family, is her Bible with all her hand written notes. Anyways...I've gotten off topic.

After we left there, we headed back on the rd to my uncles. I was so glad a lot of my family was there, but sure did miss seeing the ones that were not.

From left to right. My uncle Ricky, daddy, grandpa Ervin, uncle James, & uncle Tommy (his kids are the one from the UK)
These are my daddy's brothers and their dad.

I was so happy to see my cousin Nichole!! She's so sweet and reminds me so much of our grandmother (the one I spoke of above). She only live about an hour and half south of me and we hardly see each other.

Nichole is the older half sis to Roxanne & Joshua.
We have a picture just like this from their last visit in 2010. I love these cousins!!

Me & my grandpa Ervin. He's a sweet man to me.

Sweet little 4th cousin only a week apart in age

It was a fun visit! I can't wait to see them again. I'd LOVE to travel to the UK and visit them and my aunt Vicki (their mom) I have 3 yrs until my passport expires...I better get to saving!

On our way home we went the highway direction. Worked out perfect because that meant I was able to stop by my other grandparents grave (my moms parents)
Kooper saying Hi to his great papa

Kynlie with her name sake.

Oh how I wish they could have meat them!!

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