Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Carnival

Our church had it's Fall Carnival last Saturday night. We dressed Kynlie up and decided to take her. There wasn't much for her to do, since she's only 13 1/2 months old, but walk around and look cute. So that's what she did.
She was a sweet little lady bug.

Bat Girl and Lady Bug (this is my niece)

PawPaw and his "Bug"

Our sweet little family

Nana and PawPaw and their Bug

Dragging the empty candy bucket around

Now I leave you with a little taste of heaven

I could look at that face all day long. As a matter of fact, when she fell a sleep, all I did is turn around and kept staring at her. We went to Sonic afterward and I couldn't help myself. I just can not get enough of this little girl. She is my world!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Couples Date Night

Friday night Brad and I had a date with one of my very best friends Dawn and her husband Todd. Dawn and I grew up together and have been friends forever. Her, her husband, and their 2 beautiful daughters live in Hot Springs, Arkansas. They were down visiting her family, so they got away for a few hours to hang out with us and have a date night.
On our way to date night

My sweet beautiful friend Dawn and I

Dawn and Todd

Me and my hubby

being silly

Saying Goodbye :(

We had a blast! We met up at Chili's for dinner and drinks about 6:45 and we didn't leave until right before midnight! I can't believe I stayed out that long. Brad's parents came over and kept Kynlie for us. Actually Brad's dad had her most of the night by himself, until his mom got over there around 9:30. Kuddo's to PawPaw for feeding, changing, and bathing her!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rudd Wedding, Baptism, & Stuff

This past weekend was our good friends Candice and Dustin's wedding. Dustin and I have been friends since high school and Candice and I became friends after they started dating and I could not ask for a better friend. Brad was an usher and I was "house wedding party" (her helper girl) I loved it! We had so much fun. The wedding took place in Waxahachie behind a gorgeous house in the country. This couple rents out their house (their back yard) for weddings all the time. Let me tell you, it was beautiful. Unfortunately I didn't get very many pictures. I was too busy helping with the wedding and when my mom got there with Kynlie I was busy with her.

Candice and her maids

Kynlie running crazy

Brad and I

The family (it's impossible to get everyone to look at the same time)

Me and my girl (I don't know why my eyes look so big HA)

Sunday we got up and went to church. Our nephew got baptized!!! 4 boys around the ages 10, 11, & 12 all go baptized! Is that not just wonderful!!!! I had chills the whole time.

Running around the house before church

It's far away, but our nephew is the one in the red striped shirt

Fixing to get dunked

If you're wondering why there are so many cowboy hats in church, well it's because we attend the Cowboy Church of Ennis.

Kynlie did not want to sit still and play quietly on the floor by my feet. She had to run around and talk. I would have put her in the nursery, but that's a long story I should not get into, because I'll probably get ugly about the situation. Anyways, so Nana, Papa, & myself all took turns chasing her around the back of the church and keeping her hushed HA!

Papa thought it was a good idea to give her a sucker to hush her up. I didn't like the idea of her having that much sugar, but oh well, they do what they want.

Nana distracting her for a little bit

Clapping along with the church for all the baptisms

She was out before we left the parking lot

We went to Chili's after church and enjoyed a GREAT lunch! Kynlie had some crackers

She would not let go of the balloon

We had a great busy weekend. Now it's time to relax this weekend...I hope!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Uh....Wha is dat"?

Kynlie has been say "Uh...wha is dat" (uh what is that) all the time now. She first said it Saturday while, my mom and I and Kynlie were at the tire shop getting my tire fixed. They turned on some loud machine and Kynlie instantly said "Uh...wha is dat"? It was by far the cutest and sweetest sound I had heard. My mom and I just looked at each other and started laughing. That was her first sentence. So now, we'll say "Uh...What is that" and she'll repeat it and point at something. Usually it's the wreath or the scare crow or point out the window if we're in the car. I'm doing my best to get it on video, but you know how that goes. As soon as I turn it on, she won't do it.

We had another weekend with out Brad. Hopefully that was the last one for a while. He's a working man! Although I do love all the over time money he'll be bringing in, I love him home with us more! We missed him!

Saturday, Mom, Kynlie, and I went shopping. I needed to get a dress for a wedding we are a part of this coming weekend and I had to find Kynlie a new dress too.......b/c you know the child has no clothes at all. HA!
Getting ready to leave to shop till we drop

Look at all I got

How cute are these three tops I got on sale at Gymboree. Great for the Fall!

And these go perfect with all three tops.

And these...

I love these two cute skirts to wear leggings under for the Fall and her super cute boots

I got this comfy outfit at Penny's to wear to the sitter.

This is the sweet little dress I bought for her to wear to the wedding Saturday. It has a black shrug to go with it

And what day wouldn't be complete without at new mini mouse sippy cup

Sunday Kynlie and I stayed in and watch the first half of the Cowboy game and ate lunch together. Then my parents came over to watch the second half with me, so I wouldn't be by myself all day.
Dad brought over some homemade stew Saturday night. Oh my heavens...it was so good. So that's what I had for dinner Saturday, lunch on Sunday, and dinner on Sunday. Thanks daddy!
How yummy does that look? Perfect for a crisp fall day

Here's little missy strutten her stuff during the Cowboys game

By the way, the Cowboys had an ugly win in overtime. But a win is a win!

Daddy was bathing her the other night and with what little hair she has, he made her mahawk. Too cute

Well the week is just about over. We have a wedding we are both a part of this weekend. I hope to have a bunch of good pictures to Share.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Texas A&M

I did not go to Texas A&M, although, I would have loved to. My family and I are just good fans. They may not be the best team liked out there, but we sure do cheer for them. We are hoping for a win tonight, so we will be 4-0.

Here are some pictures of Kynlie in her super cute A&M outfit her Pappy got her (my dad).

Let me tell you....this was the hardest thing to do. I could not get her to be still for a picture to save my life. She's is on the move.

Now, is that not just the cutest little ruffle butt you've ever seen?!

Go Aggies!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Extreme Makeover

I need a Extreme Makeover in more ways than one. Although I did not get a makeover....MY BLOG DID!!! Don't you love it?? Thanks to Kelly I got a new look. She had a blog makeover giveaway on her site and wouldn't you know, I WON! I am very pleased with it. I could have never done anything like it. I do have to give my shout out to Amber (a very good friend of mine from high school) who did a great job on my old blog design.

So, I'll have a weekend with just me and Kynlie. Brad has to work and then he has a bachelor party to go to. We'll have some great girl time together.

Texas A&M plays this weekend against Arkansas (at the new Cowboy stadium). Let's hope they can make it 4-0!! Go Aggies!