Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Uh....Wha is dat"?

Kynlie has been say "Uh...wha is dat" (uh what is that) all the time now. She first said it Saturday while, my mom and I and Kynlie were at the tire shop getting my tire fixed. They turned on some loud machine and Kynlie instantly said "Uh...wha is dat"? It was by far the cutest and sweetest sound I had heard. My mom and I just looked at each other and started laughing. That was her first sentence. So now, we'll say "Uh...What is that" and she'll repeat it and point at something. Usually it's the wreath or the scare crow or point out the window if we're in the car. I'm doing my best to get it on video, but you know how that goes. As soon as I turn it on, she won't do it.

We had another weekend with out Brad. Hopefully that was the last one for a while. He's a working man! Although I do love all the over time money he'll be bringing in, I love him home with us more! We missed him!

Saturday, Mom, Kynlie, and I went shopping. I needed to get a dress for a wedding we are a part of this coming weekend and I had to find Kynlie a new dress too.......b/c you know the child has no clothes at all. HA!
Getting ready to leave to shop till we drop

Look at all I got

How cute are these three tops I got on sale at Gymboree. Great for the Fall!

And these go perfect with all three tops.

And these...

I love these two cute skirts to wear leggings under for the Fall and her super cute boots

I got this comfy outfit at Penny's to wear to the sitter.

This is the sweet little dress I bought for her to wear to the wedding Saturday. It has a black shrug to go with it

And what day wouldn't be complete without at new mini mouse sippy cup

Sunday Kynlie and I stayed in and watch the first half of the Cowboy game and ate lunch together. Then my parents came over to watch the second half with me, so I wouldn't be by myself all day.
Dad brought over some homemade stew Saturday night. Oh my was so good. So that's what I had for dinner Saturday, lunch on Sunday, and dinner on Sunday. Thanks daddy!
How yummy does that look? Perfect for a crisp fall day

Here's little missy strutten her stuff during the Cowboys game

By the way, the Cowboys had an ugly win in overtime. But a win is a win!

Daddy was bathing her the other night and with what little hair she has, he made her mahawk. Too cute

Well the week is just about over. We have a wedding we are both a part of this weekend. I hope to have a bunch of good pictures to Share.


Christa said...

So cute! She is smart! I love the little outfits you got her and those boots are precious!

Harris Family said...

How stink'in cute is she. I love the outfit with leg'ins and the little boots are PRECIOUS! AS for the are right, a win is a win! Cilla had her little Cowboy cheerleader outfit on for the game. I guess it was good luck!!!

Harris Family said...

Do ya'll have an Academy? That is where I found Cilla's Cowboy Cheerleader outfit!

Taren said...

Love that she adds the "ugh" in there! So cute...Don't you love having an excuse to buy them new clothes each season since they grow so fast!