Monday, December 26, 2011

My life!!

Just wanted to post a few pictures of what's most important to me!

With Love

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011, Koopers 1st, & tradition

Merry Christmas Eve!!

We have had a great day! We spend Christmas eve with Bradleys family. Today we headed over to my n laws around 10:30. My father n law was frying fish and fries and some other yummy fried and baked things.

We ate lunch and stuffed our selfs full! Food was very good!! After lunch we opened gifts. Kids hit the jackpot this year with gifts from nana and pawpaw. I think they're a little loved!!

Kooper got this cowboy hat from his aunt Robyn. Doesn't he look cute!?? Looks just like his daddy!

Kynlie got a new pair of cowgirl boots! Nothing like a sweet cowgirl in a tutu! I love it!

(I have a lot more pictures on my camera I'll try and share later)

After we opened gifts we just sat around and visited and the kids played with their new things.
We left a little after 7 so we could get home and do our Christmas eve tradition.

Every year we buy the kids (Koopers first yr!) new Christmas pj's and a Christmas movie.

This year we got some classics. It was a set at Walmart. I think Bradley is more excited about these movies than the kids. He loves these old movies.

Kynlie got pink (of course) pj's with ginger bread, pepper mints, candy canes, & Christmas trees on hers. Kooper got a sweet red and white striped babies first Christmas sleeper with Santa feet.

Bradley and I are suppose to be getting each other Christmas pj's too, but he forgot and we picked mine out last minute last night while I was there. Sadly they are too small lol but still wearable! I got him a pair of the Christmas Story boxers lol! He loves them!

Then we get the cookies out and pored the milk for Santa. This year we left Santa a note.

Rumor has it that Santa like Oreos! ;)

Daddy and Koop man watching the movie.

Momma and sister cuddled up in the recliner!
I love Christmas time!! I love traditions. I hope this one will last and the kids will always look forward to it and maybe we can add to it each year.

Well right now kynlie is in her room, hopefully falling a sleep watching Dora Christmas and Koop man is crying in the bouncy. So I better get!

Happy birthday sweet baby Jesus!
With Love

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas pictures

I have a post about Thanksgiving saved in draft, I just have to add the pictures. Sadly I'm getting bad at this blogging thing.

I recently took our own family pictures for our Christmas cards. I love how they turned out!! Also I took some pictures of Kynlie, Kooper, & and my niece and nephew for a Christmas gift for Bradley parents.


Those are just a few of my favorites!!

Now enjoy my favorites of the kids!!

With Love

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Friday, November 4, 2011

30 Days of Thanks - Day 3 & 4

I fell a sleep last night before I did my day 3 of thankfulness. So tonight is 3 & 4.

Day 3 - My kids

I am so very thankful for my kids. God has blessed Bradley and I with two beautiful kids. Just thinking of how God choose me to be their mom makes me teary eyed.

Kynlie, my first born, my girl, my life! Having a daughter is so amazing! She is my wild, free spirited, VERY funny baby girl, who I could not see my life without. Thank you Lord for such a great blessing.

Kooper, my super man, my baby boy, my last born. He has my heart! He makes me smile every time I look into his blue eyes :) I can't wait till he starts showing more emotion and we can see what kind of boy he will be.

Thank you Lord for blessing me with a daughter and a son! How lucky am I?!


Day 4 - My Church

I love my church. I'm so thankful to have a place I feel comfortable to go and worship. I went to church there as a youth and loved it just as much as I do as an adult. I'm apart of the worship choir. I can't sing all that great but boy do I like to pretend I do lol. There is no sweet music than worship music.

I'm so thankful to have become good friends with a lot of the couples in our church. We are very blessed that a lot of those couples work in the nursery on Sunday's and love on our babies as if they were their own. I couldn't ask for anything better.

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Christie Kubin

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

30 Days of Thanks-Day 2

Day 2 - My Parents

I am thankful to have two patents that love me and my family and my brother and his family so much.

I am extremely close with my mom and I am so thankful for that. She is always there for me and loves me with all her heart. I honestly do not think I could live without her. No joke! She is my go to person for anything. She's my phone call when I'm bored, happy, sad, confused, etc... I pray Kynlie and I will be just as close.

Although I love my dad to pieces we are not as close as my mom and I and that hurts my heart (it's my blog and I'll be honest and not hide a thing, I'm going to tell it like it is) As much as I love him and very thankful to have him in my life, we don't see eye to eye, because I don't agree with a lot of his action. I do pray all the time that one day we will be a lot closer. One thing I do know even though he does not show it as much as I would like, is that he loves me.

Thank you lord for blessing me with two parents that will always be here for us and that I love with all my heart!

A picture of me and my "Kooper Man Super Man" (a new nick name) waiting in the truck for daddy while he worked.

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Christie Kubin

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 Days of Thanks-Day 1

I've been seeing a lot of friends on Facebook doing a 30 day thankful post. I thought I'd do it too but, on my blog! (or so I'm going to try my hardest to everyday) I may also add in a few pictures.

These 30 days are in no particular order.

Day 1- My husband

I am so thankful for my sweet husband! He is an awesome provider for our kids and myself. He works so hard, long hours most days. For example, Monday he had to be at work at 3:00 am (normal is 6 am) and didn't get home till 7:30pm

He is so helpful around the house. He doesn't mind sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and even doing the dishes!! Score!!

He's very funny!! I think that's very important in a relationship.

I'm so thankful he loves our kids with all his heart. He's a wonderful dad. He's never been afraid of a dirty diaper or two. He's my bath time hero!

I thank God for my sweet husband all the time. I honestly do not think I could live without him.

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Christie Kubin

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kooper's 2 months

My sweet boy turned 2 months on Saturday the 15th. It's hard to believe but at the same time I feel like we have had him just as long as kynlie.

(I love this picture lol)

He's starting to show lots of personality, I love it! His smile is so sweet! I think he looks a lot like kynlie. He has a little bit of lighter features than she did/does.

(blurry phone picture)

Kooper is still a breast fed baby. I plan on feeding as long as my body will let me or until he's 1. I BF kynlie till she was 1.

Today we had koopers well child check. Things went great!! I love these apts because I love seeing how my kids grow and getting stats, also we just love our doctor! (he's who I worked for before I made the decision to stay home)

Kooper was so good at his apt. He did not fuss one time, until the shots but that's a given.

He's a BIG healthy boy!
*14.5 lbs - 95th percentile!!!
*24 1/2 in. - 75th percentile!!
Football player in our future? I think so!! I looked back at kynlies 2 month post and she was 11.5 lbs and 22 1/2 in.

Dr. P said he's very healthy!! That's alway nice to hear!

Then came the shots :( I told brad I had a feeling he wasn't going to do as good as kynlie did. I was right. Kyn would cry but calm down as soon as she was picked up....not kooper!! Poor thing screamed and screamed! My heart was breaking. He even bled more :(

He finally calmed down and fell a sleep. As a matter of fact he's been a sleep most of the afternoon. He's sleeping on my chest right now (p.s. I'm in heaven right now;))

Now we are ready for the rangers!!! (yes he's in a pink bouncer. It was sisters and he loves it. We bought a new one but he didn't like it so we got our money back)

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Christie Kubin

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I turned the big 30 on September 13! It was a special birthday! I had just gave birth almost a month before to our son and our daughter just turned 3 the week before. So turning 30 wasn't all that bad, I had everything I needed!!!

Except a sewing machine HA!! My mom had told me she was thinking about buying me one for my birthday (she told me b/c she wanted to make sure I wanted it before spending the money). I was so excited!! I've been wanting one for a while now.

Well this is what I got!!!!!!

Embroidery and sewing machine!!! I told her I wanted to learn how to embroider so bad, so I could make my kids cut clothes! I knew I would one day get a embroidery machine but didn't know it was going to be the day of my birthday!!! I was thrilled!!!! It was from everyone, Bradley, my parents, and brads parents!

There is sooooooo much to learn about this machine. But here are a few things I've made.

This cute fall dress for kynlie! I cant wait for her to wear it. I still have to put the buttons on it and embroidery her name or the letter K. I can't take total credit for this. My mom helped out a lot! (she has very good talent at sewing and a college degree showing it. She should do it more often HINT HINT MOM)

This is not my favorite. I tried making kynlie a shirt for the football game and I think I got my measurements wrong HA!! it's a little small for the shirt. I tell ya, there's a lot to learn.

I made this cute onesie last night for kooper. once again I need to learn my measurements b/c it's not centered in the middle of the shirt. Also I think there is a setting on the machine that will cute the thread in between each letter. But for the most part it looks good, good enough for him to wear to church today!!!

See how handsome!!!
That's it so far! But I'm looking foward to doing lots more!!!

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Christie Kubin

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just Kooper

I thought I would post some picture of my sweet boy today. I'm actually at the computer this time and not my phone. I have a lot of pictures on here that I'd like to post, but for now...

Just Kooper!!

This is my favorite way to relax with my boy. I did this with Kynlie and it's so nice. A sleeping baby on your chest is such a sweet feeling!!!

I LOVE THIS PICTURE. I think I will have this one framed

He is so sweet. I still can't believe he is ours!!! We have a boy!!! He's a fat baby, but I love it. He's just healthy that it! He will be 7 weeks on Monday. That's hard to believe, but at the same time I feel like we've had him forever.