Friday, November 4, 2011

30 Days of Thanks - Day 3 & 4

I fell a sleep last night before I did my day 3 of thankfulness. So tonight is 3 & 4.

Day 3 - My kids

I am so very thankful for my kids. God has blessed Bradley and I with two beautiful kids. Just thinking of how God choose me to be their mom makes me teary eyed.

Kynlie, my first born, my girl, my life! Having a daughter is so amazing! She is my wild, free spirited, VERY funny baby girl, who I could not see my life without. Thank you Lord for such a great blessing.

Kooper, my super man, my baby boy, my last born. He has my heart! He makes me smile every time I look into his blue eyes :) I can't wait till he starts showing more emotion and we can see what kind of boy he will be.

Thank you Lord for blessing me with a daughter and a son! How lucky am I?!


Day 4 - My Church

I love my church. I'm so thankful to have a place I feel comfortable to go and worship. I went to church there as a youth and loved it just as much as I do as an adult. I'm apart of the worship choir. I can't sing all that great but boy do I like to pretend I do lol. There is no sweet music than worship music.

I'm so thankful to have become good friends with a lot of the couples in our church. We are very blessed that a lot of those couples work in the nursery on Sunday's and love on our babies as if they were their own. I couldn't ask for anything better.

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Christie Kubin

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