Sunday, February 13, 2011

13 Weeks & More

I'm 13 weeks and 3 days today. I skipped 12 weeks, because I was out with the flu and stomach bug all at the same time. It was awful!! I'm better now. Thank you Lord!

(please excuse my face and hair. It had been a long day)

Baby Sister or Brother:

Length 3.1 in
Weight 0.9 oz
About the size of a Peach

I'm still as excited as ever to be pregnant again. I have my next apt tomorrow. I'm so excited to go. I hope the doctor can try very hard to tell us what we are having. If not, then I'm sure the next apt he can.

I'm feeling a lot better. Morning sickness has seem to pretty much pass. I have found though, I still get a little nauseous at night. I defiantly am showing a lot. I look further a long than I am. They say you show really fast with your second. I also show fast because I'm so short and have very little room between my rib cage and hip bone, so it has no choice but to go straight out.


This past week we had some cold weather. I forgot I lived in Texas for a minute. We had a few days of ice, but then one beautiful day of snow. I was pretty much under the weather that week, so I didn't have to get out in it. I did manage to step out side with Bradley and Kynlie to get a few pictures of her, then I went back in. Kynlie loved the snow!

Today I made a prayer journal for my mother n law. It turned out great!! I can not take credit for this cute idea. I saw it on a blog I love to read. Love From Texas. She's very crafty and seems like a sweet girl. I'd love to meet her one day. I can not wait to make more for myself and for friends and family. Only thing different about mine is the size. I could not find the small size note books any where, so I use the regular size. I'm still on the look out for the small ones. Seems to be the perfect size.

Last but certainly not least. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet, loving, caring, HANDSOME, & funny husband!! You truly are the love of my life. I thank God for putting you in my life everyday. I do not deserve such an awesome husband, but I will show you and God how appreciative I am to have you. I love you with every bit of my heart!