Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Day!!

So yesterday we had an ice day and got to stay home together! It was great being home with Kynlie and Brad both. We are in the process of moving so Brad spent most of the day packing and moving things to our new home. I don't have any pictures to share from yesterday but I do have one from two days ago that Heather took and sent to me. It's the sweetest picture. Every time I look at it I smile and laugh so much. We have been giving her cereal now and I've decided to let Heather give her some during the day, so she's in her highchair and she looks so small...SEE...LOL I love it!!!

So...what's been going on with miss June Bug:
*She's laughing when you tickle her (the best sound)
*Smiles at every thing she sees
*She's grabbing for her toys and also grabs at my face...she loves my lips and nose
*She's trying to sit up in her car seat or when she's laying down. She can sit by herself for a few seconds on her changing table
*She loves her bath, she's really always loved them, but now she's really liking them and after her bath she kicks and talks so load. She gets so excited when I lay her down on the changing table to lather her up. Bath time is a lot of fun!
*She has decided she wants to wake up at 4:30AM every morning to eat and then fall back to sleep. My alarm goes off at 5:30AM so lately I've been pretty tired.
*She watches me walk around the house and if she's getting fussy and I ignore her she'll get loader, also if I walk were she can't see me she starts to cry. (Do you think she's spoiled??)
That's it for now. Hopefully soon I'll have some new pictures of my beautiful girl. Have a great Friday and weekend.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lots of Pictures

So this post will be all my pictures I've been behind on posting. They are from Christmas, New Years, my dads birthday, Kynlie's first feeding of cereal & applesauce, & just lots of random shots that Brad and I have got. Also two videos I got over the weekend. They are kind of the same, one is her talking to her daddy and the other she's just looking at me and smiling. Hope you all enjoy...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Video Testing

I'm testing to see if I'm doing this right. I videoed Kynlie on my cell phone over the weekend and emailed to to myself. It's just her trying to get off my lap and watching her lazy daddy twirling my pillow while watching Sunday football. Also here is a new picture Heather just sent me of my big smiley girl!!! Poor baby has no hair LOL

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kynlie's 4 month check up and cell pictures

Ok, I'm really slacking at this blogging...I need to step it up. I still have pictures from Christmas I need to post. Maybe by Easter LOL.

Anyways, Kynlie's 4 month check up... Well of course she had to get her shots and that's never any fun. She weighs 14lbs and 4oz and she's only grown 1 1/4 inch. She's going to be short like her momma...but that's ok! He said she's a little above in her weight and under in her height, but he said that's ok b/c she's still skinny. He said she's developing really fast and that's good! She's been holding her head up for a long time now and she's very very alert. She rolls over from her back to her stomach very well and is all most going from stomach to back, but not yet. She's laughing and cuing more and more everyday. Her smile is so bright. I love it so much!!! She cried more this time on her shots and it lasted a little longer, but it's all worth it. I'm so happy to report that Bradley and I have a beautiful healthy girl.

These pictures are from my cell phone. I've finally figured out how to email myself from my Blackjack phone when Heather sends me a picture of my baby girl during the day. I just love receiving these pictures during the make the day that much better seeing her beautiful face while I'm at work. The poor baby has no hair at all. Hopefully it will start growing in soon. She looks so much like her daddy in all these pictures. Who knew her daddy would make such a pretty girl!

Until next time. God Bless and have a wonderful week.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Kynlie's first Christmas, New Years, & Turning 4 months

WOW, a lot has gone on since last time I'm updated. Unfortunately I do not have many pictures to post. They will come later.

Kynlie had her first Christmas and I think it went very well. She received lots of things. Toy, Clothes, Books, etc... We spent Christmas Eve with Brad's parents and sister and her family and had a great time. Christmas morning we waited for Kynlie to wake up and we took her in the living room for her to see what Santa had brought her. A Rocking Horse that plays lots of different music, movies, hair bows, etc... and from momma and daddy she got a lot of clothes. Then we got dressed and went to Brad's aunt and uncles for Christmas lunch and she got money and a wal-mart gift card. Then we headed over to Memaw's and Pappy's for Christmas dinner. There she got clothes, toys (again), more movies, shoes, etc... That was a great time, spending with the family. I got some great pictures I need to have developed. (I haven't figured out how to put them on the computer with my camera yet)

New years was fun too, we took her with us to a friends house for an hours or so, then we went to Nanna and Papa's to watch the fire works and visit with Great Grandma and the aunts. We were home before the new year....which was ok with me. We got home and turned the TV on channel 8 and watched it turn 12:00 am 2009, gave each other a new years kiss, and then gave Kynlie her new years kiss and we went off to sleep. We spent new years day in the house wrapped up in blankets and cuddled most of the day and watched movies....a perfect day!!

Kynlie is 4 months old today!!!!! So hard to believe it's flying by so fast. I'm loving every minute of. We can't get enough of her. She's amazing and I wish I could spend every hour of the day with her. We're taking her to get her 4 month shots and her check up on Friday. I can't wait to see what she weighs. She's really changing. She love the sound of her own voice and I love it too. I laugh so hard a listening to her make her noises. She can roll over from her back to her stomach in a matter of a second and then lays there with her head up looking around and making all different kinds of noises. She's now starting to reach out for toys or what ever is in front of her. Some times she's able to grab it and other she can't. Also Brad and I have notice when someone else is holding her and I'm in the room or sitting near by she looks at me and sometimes she'll even whine for me. I love it!

These pictures are from New years and one of her and Bailee her cousin on Christmas day. (more to come)