Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kynlie's 4 month check up and cell pictures

Ok, I'm really slacking at this blogging...I need to step it up. I still have pictures from Christmas I need to post. Maybe by Easter LOL.

Anyways, Kynlie's 4 month check up... Well of course she had to get her shots and that's never any fun. She weighs 14lbs and 4oz and she's only grown 1 1/4 inch. She's going to be short like her momma...but that's ok! He said she's a little above in her weight and under in her height, but he said that's ok b/c she's still skinny. He said she's developing really fast and that's good! She's been holding her head up for a long time now and she's very very alert. She rolls over from her back to her stomach very well and is all most going from stomach to back, but not yet. She's laughing and cuing more and more everyday. Her smile is so bright. I love it so much!!! She cried more this time on her shots and it lasted a little longer, but it's all worth it. I'm so happy to report that Bradley and I have a beautiful healthy girl.

These pictures are from my cell phone. I've finally figured out how to email myself from my Blackjack phone when Heather sends me a picture of my baby girl during the day. I just love receiving these pictures during the day...it make the day that much better seeing her beautiful face while I'm at work. The poor baby has no hair at all. Hopefully it will start growing in soon. She looks so much like her daddy in all these pictures. Who knew her daddy would make such a pretty girl!

Until next time. God Bless and have a wonderful week.

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Amber said...

She's getting so big!