Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Walk Down Ma & Papa Lane

I always miss my Papa & Ma, but for some reason today has been hard. I can't seem to get them off my mind. It's been an emotional night. Nights like this I wish my mom was in the same house as me so I could sit with her and talk and hug her.

I think of Papa & Ma daily, because I have pictures of them out & Kynlie June is named after Ma (June) & every time I say her name I think of my Ma.

Today I watched the memorial service of George Jones. I really love his music. I love all "old" country music. Its probably 1/2 of my iPod, I'd not more lol!
Well, they had different country stars playing tributes to him by singing songs of his or by others. It was really moving and emotional.

Anyways, Randy Travis came out and sang. I immediately started thinking of my Ma. She loved his voice. Who doesn't?! Then the tears started to flow.

I can hear two singers start to sing and right off the bat I know who they are. Charlie Pride & Randy Travis.

I close my eyes and I'm back at Papa & Ma's sitting in their living room listening to their music play, that's my Ma had playing.

I miss so much about them, I miss some of the little things. Memories that feel like it was just yesterday. Such as, spinning in circles in their green leather bar chairs, sliding down their stairs on my bottom with my cousins, playing on Ma's piano, watching old yeller over and over, going out to the garage and writing on the chalk board, opening Papa's refrigerator in the garage and drinking a orange sunkist. The smell of opening a two liter of coke always takes me back to their house. The smell of cigarette smoke (yes cigarettes) and Chanel 5 or Old spice will take me to a happy place with them as well!! (the only time the smell of smoke doesn't "bother" me lol) My cousins and I loved playing outside in their motor home with our dolls. Waking up every morning I spent the night to cinnamon rolls...still to this day when I make them all I think of is Papa. Christmas at their house was always wonderful. They went all out for the 5 grandchildren (then 6 when Bailee came). They would do the best shopping for us and Papa would aways wrap the gifts and use lots of tape!

I know I could go on and on about them. As much as I miss both Papa & Ma, I'm so blessed to know they are in heaven with Jesus, together! And one day I will see them again! Until that day I will hold on so tight to these wonderful memories and listen to the great music that reminds me of them.

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