Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy 3 Years

Happy Anniversary Bradley. I love you more and more as our life goes on together. Thanks for everything!!!

Today is mine and Bradley's 3 year anniversary. 3 Years doesn't sound like a long time, but it feels like a long time HA. Let me tell you, I have enjoyed every single day of our three years together. OK...there has been a few days I want to pull my hair out, but for the most part I can not complain.

Bradley is SOOOOO good to me. I could have not got a better husband. He treats me so good, probably better than I deserve to be treated.
I feel so blessed that God chose Bradley to be my husband. Thank you!!
I can not wait to spend 50+ years with him...God willing!!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Vacation 2010 - Galveston Texas

This past week, Brad, Kynlie and I took off for a very mini vacation to Galveston. We had a great time being together, laying on the beach, going to dinners, and relaxing. Believe it or not and I have no idea how I managed to do it, but I took 799 pictures!!! So needless to say it was hard to pick out the ones I wanted to share. So sit back and enjoy our first family vacation...

We arrived in Galveston around 11:30 12 on Sunday. We hurried and put our things in the room and put our bathing suits on and headed to the beach. We were very patriotic and had on red, white and blue bathing suits.
I loved watching Kyn walk down the balcony was so cute!!
Her first step on to the beach!
Daddy took her out in the ocean for the first time. She was not a big fan. She did not like the waves hitting her or the sea weed touching her.
Not too long after we got settled on the beach and Kynlie finally warmed up to the sand, a thunder head rolled in. We thought it would pass by, but it didn't and with in about 10 minutes it started to down pour. Lucky we made it to the truck before we got wet.

She's taken it all in! I love this picture
We got back to the hotel and changed and went down to the pool after it stopped raining. Then we came back up to the room to lay around before we got ready for dinner. I had to share this picture of our spunky little girl. She makes some of the cutes faces. I love her beaver teeth
Mommy and Kynlie before leaving for dinner

We ate at Landry's Sea Food...AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We had calamari (fried squid) for our appetizer. YUMMY!! I love it. My first time to have calamari was in Galveston about 13 years ago with my parents. At the time I had no idea what I was eating, I jut kept saying how good it was and then my dad told me and my first thought was.....gross, but then I didn't have another thought about it and kept eating.

My yummy salad!
This was by far the best sea food I have ate. It was crab cakes, with rice, and seasoned veggies. TO. DIE. FOR!!!

This little girl was amazing at dinner. We could have not been happier about it.

My sweet baby walking down the balcony going to breakfast out second day in Galveston

After breakfast we changed and headed to the beach. We went to a different beach the second day. This one was way nicer. You had to pay to get on it, the sand was much easier to walk on and play with.

I am in love with the next pictures. It was so hard to pick the ones I wanted to share. Kynlie had a blast the second day on the beach. She was still a little scared of the waves and sea weed, but played very hard.

Her and daddy had a blast play in the sand and "trying" to build a castle

After playing hard in the hot sun, Kyn was pooped and decided to lay in my lap. It was great!!!
Then she got her second wind and she played and played....

Funny story... Kyn was grubbing down on her gold fish and the seagulls were swarming us, waiting for her to let one go. Well she didn't just let one go, she let the whole bag go. She dropped the back and when she went to pick it up she picked up from the wrong end and they all fell out. (notice the right side of the picture)

Here they all are, ready to eat. We were laughing so hard. Kyn was not scared of them at all she just walked away and went about her business.

And she was out!!!!!! I'm not kidding, the moment we started the truck and drove away, she passed out!
We went back to the hotel and relaxed for a little bit and then got ready and went out to dinner again.
First we stopped off at the Gift Shop place on the Sea Wall. It was a huge store that over looked the ocean. It had two sides to it and in the middle you could sit and relax and watch the waves and listen to the wave and enjoy a drink if you wanted to. I enjoyed looking out at the big tanker ships way out in the ocean. Brad just set back and relaxed and Kyn took a 15 minute cat nap in her stroller.

Then we headed over to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner. I was in LOVE!! I've been to one in Cancun, but didn't remember it too well, so this felt like my first time at one. Kynlie loved it just as much. I can not wait to go back. The food was great too!!!

The animals were wonderful.

Meet my dinner date!!! HA. We were seated right next to the elephanes. I mean, we were sitting on top of the basicly HA. LOVE IT. Kyn was not scared at all of them when they started "talking" she loved it!!
She made this face most of dinner. Everytime the animals "talked" or it "rained". It was priceless
After dinner we went our front. They had music and all kinds of thing going on. This little girl put on her own little show dancing. She attracted a lot of attention.

On our way to breakfast...again

The last day we were there, after breakfast, I started to pack and get all of us dressed in our whites. We were all set and ready to go to the beach and take family pictures. One of my main reason I wanted to go to the beach. Well, we open the door and it's raining!!! I was so upset. I thought it would pass. It didn't! It got harder and longer. Hurricane Alex was coming in. So this is our family picture in our whites.
Although I was extremly upset about the weather on the last day, we had a great mini vacation and I can not wait to do it again.