Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kooper's 2 months

My sweet boy turned 2 months on Saturday the 15th. It's hard to believe but at the same time I feel like we have had him just as long as kynlie.

(I love this picture lol)

He's starting to show lots of personality, I love it! His smile is so sweet! I think he looks a lot like kynlie. He has a little bit of lighter features than she did/does.

(blurry phone picture)

Kooper is still a breast fed baby. I plan on feeding as long as my body will let me or until he's 1. I BF kynlie till she was 1.

Today we had koopers well child check. Things went great!! I love these apts because I love seeing how my kids grow and getting stats, also we just love our doctor! (he's who I worked for before I made the decision to stay home)

Kooper was so good at his apt. He did not fuss one time, until the shots but that's a given.

He's a BIG healthy boy!
*14.5 lbs - 95th percentile!!!
*24 1/2 in. - 75th percentile!!
Football player in our future? I think so!! I looked back at kynlies 2 month post and she was 11.5 lbs and 22 1/2 in.

Dr. P said he's very healthy!! That's alway nice to hear!

Then came the shots :( I told brad I had a feeling he wasn't going to do as good as kynlie did. I was right. Kyn would cry but calm down as soon as she was picked up....not kooper!! Poor thing screamed and screamed! My heart was breaking. He even bled more :(

He finally calmed down and fell a sleep. As a matter of fact he's been a sleep most of the afternoon. He's sleeping on my chest right now (p.s. I'm in heaven right now;))

Now we are ready for the rangers!!! (yes he's in a pink bouncer. It was sisters and he loves it. We bought a new one but he didn't like it so we got our money back)

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