Sunday, October 9, 2011


I turned the big 30 on September 13! It was a special birthday! I had just gave birth almost a month before to our son and our daughter just turned 3 the week before. So turning 30 wasn't all that bad, I had everything I needed!!!

Except a sewing machine HA!! My mom had told me she was thinking about buying me one for my birthday (she told me b/c she wanted to make sure I wanted it before spending the money). I was so excited!! I've been wanting one for a while now.

Well this is what I got!!!!!!

Embroidery and sewing machine!!! I told her I wanted to learn how to embroider so bad, so I could make my kids cut clothes! I knew I would one day get a embroidery machine but didn't know it was going to be the day of my birthday!!! I was thrilled!!!! It was from everyone, Bradley, my parents, and brads parents!

There is sooooooo much to learn about this machine. But here are a few things I've made.

This cute fall dress for kynlie! I cant wait for her to wear it. I still have to put the buttons on it and embroidery her name or the letter K. I can't take total credit for this. My mom helped out a lot! (she has very good talent at sewing and a college degree showing it. She should do it more often HINT HINT MOM)

This is not my favorite. I tried making kynlie a shirt for the football game and I think I got my measurements wrong HA!! it's a little small for the shirt. I tell ya, there's a lot to learn.

I made this cute onesie last night for kooper. once again I need to learn my measurements b/c it's not centered in the middle of the shirt. Also I think there is a setting on the machine that will cute the thread in between each letter. But for the most part it looks good, good enough for him to wear to church today!!!

See how handsome!!!
That's it so far! But I'm looking foward to doing lots more!!!

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