Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kynlie's First Dentist Trip

Kynlie had her first dentist apt on Friday. I decided that since she has a mouth full of teeth and she sometimes gives me a problem with letting help her brush her teeth, it was time to see a dentist and make sure every thing looks good.

Well they do!!! I took her to this place called Just for Kids. I loved it. Perfect setting for kids. The nurses and doctor were supper nice and so patient with her.

I was so nervous! I know my girl and she can throw the all time greats fits a 2 year old can throw. She was actually very very good. She warmed up the nurse so good.

We went to the back and there were so many neat toys, balloons, TV's, video games, & colorful walls. They let her pick out her very own special tooth brush. There were so many characters to choose from and she chose my favorite, The Little Mermaid. We went into our own room and there was a TV hanging down from the ceiling with Sponge Bob playing "Bob Bob" (NOT AT ALL MY FAVORITE CHOICE...DO NOT LIKE SPONGE BOB)anyways... she sat up in the big chair with her new tooth brush ready to brush those teeth, then they leaned the chair back and she wanted nothing to do with. So I held her and laid her back and she let the nurse brush her pearly whites. She fussed, but nothing like I thought she would do. She was SO brave.

Then the doctor came in and examined her teeth and told us that she looked great!!! I was so happy to get a good report.

I didn't get any pictures of us in side. I wish I would have, but we were so busying filling out paper work and I think I was more nervous for her, I didn't think to grab my camera until we were walking out.

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The Hobbs Family said...

Glad to hear everything went well. We were planning on taking Grant soon.