Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's Going On In Your World?

WOW...I haven't posted an update since Kynlie's birthday party. I did post about my Grandmother passing, no update on our family. Speaking of my Grandmother, she's living an eternal life with Jesus. I miss her a lot. I did not see her all the time because she did live about an 1 and 1/2 away, but I thought about her all the time. If something can come good out of a funeral, beside celebration of life, is seeing family that you haven't seen in months or even years. And if I know my grandmother, and I think I do, this is all she has ever wanted is for everyone to be together at one time. Well she got it, she got her 4 boys together and all their kids together. I know she was smiling that day.

(Me and my Granddad)

(Me and my Daddy)
(Me and my cousin Leslie)

(Me & my Momma)

(My daddy and his brothers)

Anyways, on a HAPPY note. Our family of 3 is doing good. Very busy, but we are good. I work a lot of hours since I've been at my new job. Sometimes a little too many hours for a mommy and wife. I enjoy what I do though, working in the medical field. I hope to be able to go back to college and work in labor and delivery or NICU. It's ok to dream, right?

Speaking of working, Brad works a lot too. He travels a lot. Luckily he works for his dad so there is a little flex ability. One week, he will either be gone by 4:30 am and not return until the next day or in the middle of the night and then the next, he's home every day and night. I'm blessed we both have jobs to put food on the table. I just pray one day, we both will have hours where we can always be home for our kids and dinner.

Now for the MOST important person in our life....KYNLIE. She is just as sweet, silly, funny, fussy, loving, & playful as ever. I CAN NOT get enough of her. Sadly she has been really sick lately. First she had a red throat and congestion, she was put on antibiotics, the next week she came down with a really bad case of bronchitis, had to take breathing treatments and antibiotics. Two weeks after that, she tested positive for the Flu. And now she's on another antibiotics for a sinus infection. I don't know how much more I can take of her being sick. Her poor little body has had so much medicine put in side it. I pray this is the last of it for a long time.

(her very cute dress made by SheShe Bows) (No smiles out of this girl)

(there we go)

On another note, we are enjoying our Thursdays. We have Mommy & Me dance class at our local dance studio. It's say the least. I have a head strong girl on my hands. She loves to dance so I thought this will be a breeze..........boy I was wrong. Now don't get me wrong, I'm loving Mommy & Me. She just likes to do what she wants, not what she's told. She is learning more and I'm so proud of that. She's learning structure and that's so important to me. I'm looking so forward to our dance recital in the winter. I know she'll do great, if anything, I'm sure she'll be very intertaning.

She loves going to Church and seeing her friends. Every Sunday I'm told that she is so sweet and good. I'm so thankful!!!! I have joined the Church Choir and love it! I can not sing, never have been able to. I can carry a tune, but I'm far from Carrie Underwood. I felt God called me to be a part of the Church. More than just a member, and on the nursery committee. I'm most looking forward to the Christmas time. Our Church as done a "Living Christmas" program for as long as I can remember. I was involved in it in my youth year, but haven't since. I love worship music and Christmas. Put them two together and you have greatness!!!

Kynlie was a Bumble Bee for Halloween. The cutest Bumble Bee I've ever seen. We went to Church Sunday afternoon for the Fall Carnival. We had a really good time. There was this amazing maze the youth group put together in the youth loft. Kynlie had fun playing all the games and running around. We came home and went down our street to trick or treat. Kynlie was the sweetest sweetest girl. I am not lieing, she said trick or treat and thank you to every single person that we got candy from. She even wold say "cuse me" as we went down the side walk and past everyone. I love her sweet little manners.

(I love this one, it looks like shes about to sting someone HA)

Well I'm going to go and finish watching Private Practice and "rocket" my girl to sleep. I will do my best to keep posting. I miss it. I feel I'm letting my self down for not keeping it up and for Kynlie when she's older to look back on.

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