Sunday, November 21, 2010

Garage Sale Finds

Saturday morning Kynlie and I got up early and went to town to get some "no nuts" and I knew that a friend of mine sister was having a garage sale, so I stopped by. Who knew it would lead to buying a paper, picking up my SNL and going to all most every garage sale in town. Glad I did!!
I found these cute tea light candle holders for Kynlie's bathroom. I recently redid her bathroom and have been in need for new decor, that didn't break the bank. What better way than garage sale shopping.
Love this plant holder! I've already got Bradley to hang it for me on our front porch. Just nothing in it yet. I'm going to see if I can find something Christmas to put in there
This adorable plant holder came from the same place. This style is right up my alley. I've placed this on my front porch, still in need for something to go in it. I'm sure for Christmas I'll put a fake poinsettia. I already have in mind for next fall to put pumpkins in it!
I'm so happy I found this cute little rack. I have so many ideas running through my head. I'm thinking of leaving it yellow, just touching it up a little and putting in Kynlie's play room to hang either her scarfs and jackets or hanging some of her dress up clothes. Or painting to match her room and hanging her scarfs and jackets on it. I wish her bathroom was a little bigger, because this would be so cute in there to hang her bath robe and a towel.
I found this bright yellow frame for a quarter! I'm putting this in her bathroom with a black and white picture in her. (speaking of her bathroom, I hope to have a post of the finished project soon)
I couldn't pass this cute purple purse up for my sweet girl. She hasn't put it down since we've bought it. She carries her "chu dollar" in it. ($2)
LOVE this pumpkin. Just wish I would have found it a month ago, so I could enjoy it longer. I know when I pull my fall decor out next year, I'll be so happy when I see. I think I'll use it as a cookie jar.
This cute vase/jar gold stand holder was purchased at an estate sale. I added the gold Christmas balls. This is my favorite decoration right now. I'm thinking of leaving it like this all year round. It matches my living room perfect.
This serving tray was also purchased at the estate sale. I wish I knew how old this was. The lady that lived there passed away in her 90's and she was the daughter of the couple that owned the house. The home was big, OLD, and gorgeous!

This was my sweet shopping buddy!! She was a trooper the whole time, couldn't have asked for a better morning!!!

I hope to post with updates when I get everything decorated and put away.

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The Hobbs Family said...

I love garage sales! Looks like you got some great finds! I'd leave that vase in your living room all year round and just change out the contents according to the season.