Monday, December 22, 2008

The weekend and updated pictures

Well we had a great weekend, we hung out with Memaw all weekend! Sadly daddy had to work and we didn't see much of him, but that's ok...he still got some Kynlie lovin! The weather was nice on Saturday, but then it got very cold very fast. Kynlie doesn't like to be bundled up in her jacket and put in her car seat. Saturday we help Memaw finish her Christmas decorations and then we headed to wal-mart...seems to be a every weekend thing for us. Of course I spent WAY too much money in there, as I always do! Then we came back a lot later and watch part of the Cowboys until Daddy got home. Sunday (Daddy had to work again) so I took Kynlie out to Memaws so that I could run to town and get my nails done and grab some things from the store. That night we got all dolled up (Kynlie did) and we went to Baylor Baptist to the Living Christmas Tree program, that I love going to every year. I've actually have preformed in it once before....long long time ago. Kynlie was awesome during the program. The most exciting thing about last night was that my very best friend Dawn and her family were in from Arkansas so I got to visit with them too!! She has two daughters, one is one month behind Kynlie... Kynlie has a best friend in another state and doesn't even know it yet!
Kynlie is smiling all the time...all day long. You just have to look her way and she'll smile, also if I'm talking but talking to someone else she smiles so big! She's really talking a lot too, you know cuing...all the time even in the middle of the night when we should all be sleeping!! I love it thought. I love her so much and I can't get enough of her beautiful smile!!!
The pictures below are some from this weekend and some from a few weeks back...

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