Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our Holiday weekend's been a while since I've been able to blog. So much has happened lately. Lets see if I can jot it all down.

Kynlie has now found her foot, but it's only her left foot. She loves sitting on daddy's belly and pulling on her toes.

We had a short week at Heather's because of the Thanksgiving Holiday, but Heather got some great pictures of Kynlie, Beau, & Grace. They are all such sweet babies...future BFF & Boyfriend!! I'll have to get a picture of her and Ryder Newman soon...another boyfriend :)

Kynlie had her first Thanksgiving! Sunday before we had it at my parents was a good day. The sun was shinning, the Cowboy's won, & we all had lots of good food!!! We had Thanksgiving at Brad's grandma's on Thursday and also had a great day. (those pictures will come later)

Friday after Thanksgiving is a wonderful busy shopping day. Lindsey and I took off around 7:00am to go shopping. Of course the point is to by lots of Christmas gifts for a cheap price... I got lots of good things for cheap but most all of it was for Kynlie. Clothes, movies, shoes, stockings...all the good things she needs. No gifts for anyone. I'm going to be so behind this year.
Saturday we spent most of the day putting up our Christmas decorations (those pictures will com later too). I love decorating for Christmas, it make the home feel so warm and cozy!
On Sunday Kynlie and Daddy watch football most of the they always do and then Cody, Andie and Bailee came over for good dinner (NO TURKEY)
Monday I had off and I loved it. I got to spend an extra day with my beautiful girl. She played on her play mat for a while...or as daddy calls it Madigascar. She love the music and all the bright colors and looking at her self in the (deformed) mirror.

She's really starting to change and have a different little attitude. She now like to arch her back when we lay her in her swing and car seat. She has now figured out how to take her pacci out of her mouth but can't quit figure out how to put it back in, so she just sucks on her hand. I swear if she could get her arms strength up she would be crawling. She kicks her leg and moves them so much and holds her head up but can't get those arms going. She's about to turn 3 months old on Friday the 5th of December. I can't believe she's growing so fast. I'll have more pictures and updates soon.

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