Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friday night lights

So our Friday started off with kynlie sleeping to almost 10am! What?? Wish I could have slept that long, mr. Kooper man had other plans for us.

I L.O.V.E LOVE Areosmith!!! I bought this shirt for kyn a long time ago and she's just now fitting into it. Plus it was a big surprise for me to find it in her closet!

My sweet cousin sent me this cute onesie for Kooper!

I couldn't help my self, I had to dress them up in matching outfits! (that's hard to do with a boy and girl)

We went and had lunch with my mom and then came home for a few hours. Then headed to the high school for my nieces pep rally. (all my pictures of that are on my camera)

I love going to the pep rally's. Not only because I love seeing my niece cheer but it brings back so many good memories from when I was cheering in high school, for the same school.

When we got home, Brad was coming into town from work and swung by and pick up kynlie and took her out to his parents to unload his trailer. So me and mom went to the dollar store to look around. Love that place. That post will be next.

That night was a home game and we have season tickets, so kynlie and I went to see Bailee cheer. Brad and Kooper stayed home, Brad was tired.

My sweet future Ennis Lions cheerleader!!

The stands look empty but we were there early. Ennis ended up loosing but oh well we had a good time anyways!! (more pictures to come from the game)

We came home and kynlie went to bed and slept in her bed till almost 5am!!! And that's an other post....

So now we are just sitting around the house on a Saturday night....and it's pretty nice!

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