Thursday, September 15, 2011

To My Blog Readers!!!! I need HELP

I need a blog make over!!! I'll keep my back ground lay out, but I need to add Mr. Kooper Man to my blog, but I for some reason can't figure out how in the world to do so. I just want to add his pictures to the top and his name with ours.

You would think I could figure it out but, I couldn't.......................or I just didn't try hard enough ;)

ANY TAKERS OUT THERE WANT TO HELP ME OUT AND DO IT FOR ME????? (Amber? LOL) I'll give you my email and password and send you some pictures.


A Texas Trio said...

I do mine in powerpoint, but you couldn't add his name with that program. I don't have Photoshop, which you could possibly do that in. Either way, I think its going to be a booger to do! Yes, make Amber tackle that..haha

Amber said...

I just saw this! I will do what I can. Do you have the files that they designed your blog with?? Send them to me & I will work on it!