Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kynlie's bedroom make-over.

I decided to redo Kynlie's bedroom back in August. She saw zebra sheets at walmart during the summer and everytime we passed them she kept saying she wanted them for her room. So I decided it would make a perfect birthday gift for her to redo her room and get new bedding.

My mom bought the sheets for her for her birthday and I got her the comforter. I would get new things here and there as I saw them. Right at her birthday we decided we were going to move so I put her room make-over on hold. I'm kinda glad I did because some great things came avalible for me to buy for her room. Back before Kynlie was born and right after she was born, my niece Bailee had her room in zebra and pink. A few years ago she decided to change her room up and sold all her cute stuff to her cousin. Well her cousin has now decided to change up her room and I got first choice at buying everying thing!! So it's kinda neat that it's staying in the family.

So here is Kynlie's big girl Zebra & Hot Pink with a splash of Turquiouse room she's asked for. Pay no attention to the ugly carpet!!
This bed skirt was made by my sister n laws mom for my niece Bailee
 Cute cross from Canton
 I wanted to hang this sign on Kynlie's closet but I couldn't get the nail in the door so it's next to it on the wall.
 The zebra curtains are from Bailee too. I bought the pink one when we moved in to the new house.
 Her letters KJK were from her bathroom at our old house. I had ribbon hanging from them with her bows on it. I'm thinking of "blinging" her letters out and maybe adding some pink, turquiose and zebra ribbon on it.
 Her old bedding had turquious sheets and when I went to change them I left two pillows turqouis to give it a pop of another color. I love it! Oh and we cant forget her pink lady bug pillow pet :)
 This may be my favorite of all. Her pink zebra high heel chair!!! This was Bailee's as well. It's in perfect condition, looks brand new!!!
Bradley painted her vanity before we moved. I'm pleased with the black and the inside of the drawers are pink, but I'm not too happy with the look of the handles. I'm going to change them out very soon. Possibly crystal knobs. I had the pink boea wrapped around the mirror with her zebra and pink tutu draped on the top but I haven't got around to doing that since we've moved in. I kinda like the boea the way it is. But the vanity and the walls around it need something...it's too "blank" to me.
 This desk was bought in canton. I love it!! I was with my sister n law and Bailee when it was bought and I was pregnant with Kynlie. I never would have thought it would be ending up in her room one day :))
She's even enjoying sitting at the new desk already.

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