Thursday, November 15, 2012

Life Lately, through the eye of my phone

Here's what we have been up to lately. All the pictures are from my phone. Don't you just love today's technology?

We have done a lot of swinging and playing outside since the weather is nice. (random side note: see the view behind kooper? Beautiful right!? We have the pleasure of seeing that everyday at our house. Sunset at our place is gorgeous!!)

Kooper enjoys being home alone with me on Monday's and Wednesdays because he gets the couch to his self to watch bubble guppies!

And sometimes (all the time) he will sneak off in sisters room and put on her cowgirl hat. Too cute!

After school one day last week I let Kynlie cut out pictures of things she likes from the toy magazine and glue them to a piece of paper, for a Christmas list. She had so much fun.

Friday night we went to our home towns last home football game. It was my nieces last home game to cheer, ever. She graduates this school yr. Tears!! She's grown up on us so fast. She's such a special girl to me. I'll do a post on her yr of cheer soon.

These three pictures were at the game. Sadly we were loosing so we entertained our selfs by making funny faces.

Saturday our aggies pulled out a win over #1 Alabama! What? Whoop!!! I love my little chubby faced aggie here!! And of course silly sister sneaking in the picture at the bottom :)

Earlier that day Bradley went to his deer lease to check the feeder and get things ready for an upcoming hunt, so he took his future hunter with him. Is that not the cutest picture? Look at that wrangler butt!

I caught sister putting make up on bub Sunday night! Oops!

Monday was school pictures. Kynlie was excited to wear her "Zachary dress". Her "boyfriend" Zachary gave this dress to her for her bday and she hasn't wore until now. I think she was the pretties!

She's so special!! I love these moments when she falls asleep on me. I savior every single second!!

Now this cracks me up. I was setting the table and fixing plates for supper the other night and missy crawled up in bubs high chair and demanded to be fed! And of course sweet nana fed her. She's so funny!

Kynlie had her thanksgiving party yesterday at school. I think shes super cute in this fall sweater and her jeans tucked inside her cowgirl boots. Beautiful sunrise behind her peaking through the trees.

This is me this morning! Kooper decided he would wake up at 1:45am and not go back to sleep till 4am. He screamed every time I put him back in his bed. Long night, early morning!

I leave you with a sneak peak of our family pictures we took Sunday evening. I can't wait to see more, this is the only one I've seen.

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